60 Flower Bed Edging Ideas

60 Flower Bed Edging Ideas

Michelle Di Micco

Recycled Hose weaved to make a garden edge to a flower bedGarden edging is often an overlooked element of garden design for the average gardener. Landscape edging can create a solid hard-scaping base for your garden design to improve curb appeal, and add structure to your garden. It can transform and complete a garden in less than a day! Whether your edging is unique, resourceful, natural or architectural it's bound to be noticed and create a talking point in your garden.

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We've collected 60 inspirational ideas to help you plan your garden edging.

We just had to start with this creative piece to the right, when you buy a Hoselink hose, your old, useless hose can live out it's days as a unique and useful garden edge!

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Using bricks for the edging is a very common idea and it can make mowing the lawn much easier.

Simple birck garden edging collage

Of course there are creative twists you can apply to the traditional style.

Brick edging designed in patterns and layouts

Stone is commonly used, especially as it's long lasting and hard wearing.

collage of stone garden edges

Using rocks and pebbles achieves a natural, textured look.

collage of rock and pebble edging.

Wood is another popular choice, as it's a natural material it can blend in with the garden seamlessly.

Collage of wooden garden edging

Sleepers make for lovely edges, especially to raised beds.

Sleepers used to edge garden beds

Varying the height, colours and texture all makes for intriguing designs.

Collage of wooden garden edging

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Depending on the size of your garden and ultimately your budget, you might want opt to purchase decorative edging.

collage of decorative stone garden edging

Metal edging can be purchased or crafted from recycled pieces.

Collage of metal garden edging

Succulents planted neatly next to and between pavers.Edging doesn't always have to be between a bed and the lawn, edging a flower bed next to a path helps to blend the lines in the garden.

Using plants to do this is very effective and, if you preplan and propagate your own plants, can be cheap too!

Not only that but it will help to reduce weeding by filling up the space where you would usually find weeds creeping in. An absolute winner if you ask me!

Upcycling is all the rage these days and garden edging has not escaped the creative and resourceful geniuses. You can use pretty much anything to edge a garden bed. Plates and bottles are becoming very popular in recycled garden design.

Collage of plates and bottles used as garden edging

But the creativity doesn't stop there!

Collage of creative garden edges inc shells, flowers pots and mosaic

Colourful garden edging

Whether you love the simplicity of a neatly cut edge, the stability of sleeper or the quirkiness of an upcycled design. What ever your preference there is certainly an idea to suit your garden and budget.

I hope we've inspired you to transform your garden edges!

Neatly trimmed garden flower bed edging

Don't forget if you have a lovely garden edge you can share a photo with us on our Facebook page.

Happy Gardening!


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