12 Unusual Flower Pots

12 Unusual Flower Pots

Monique SC

Find new and creative ways to liven up your garden! Here are 12 unusual flower pots that you can easily plant in. So before you throw out what you think is old junk, take a fresh look at it and think about how you might be able to re-purpose it in your own garden!

When thinking about repurposing old items into pot plants, have a think about how you can line them (maybe with plastic sheeting) and ensure there is adequate drainage for what you’re planting.

1. Old Chest of Drawers

Don’t throw out your old chest of drawers just yet, it could be your latest feature on your balcony.

Garden Dresser

2. Old Heels

By far the most unusual pot plant but there is really no need to let a good pair of heels go to waste!

Heels for Pot Plants

3. Old Bicycle

An old bicycle actually works so well for a pot plant because it can add a vintage yet romantic flair to your garden or coffee shop.

Bicycle Flower Pot

4. Bird Cage

The bird cage is a useful way to add colour to your garden and you can complement the flower colours to the bird cage.

Bird Cage Pot Plant

5. Wine Bottles

The love for wine has gone viral nowadays but now you can put the bottle to use, in your garden!

Wine Bottles for pot plants

6. Cork Screws

If you have a collection of corkscrews they finally have a purpose, in your garden! Now you can see how much champagne you really drink!

Cork Screws for Pot Plants

7. Hats

Hats go in and out of fashion so quickly so why not turn them into a pot plant!

Hats for Pot Plants

8. Truck

This might be a fun one for the kids to plant and play with.

Truck Pot Plant

9. Boat

This is my favourite because it has a great amount of space to plant a beautiful array of flowers and it looks so unique. The blue and white adds a Mediterranean vibe – Greece anyone?

Boat for Pot Plant

10. Car Tier

A colourful and fun idea that the kids can help you with.

Car Tiers for Pot Plant

11. Gumboots

How cute are these? This is a great feature for gumboots the kids have grown out of or that no longer have any use.

Gumboots for Pot Plants

12. Book

Bring your old books to life! This is an unusual pot plant to use on a side table to add a bit of greenery to the house.

Book for pot plant

Happy Planting!

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