For as long as we can remember red roses are the flowers gifted on Valentine’s Day to symbolise love and affection. It’s safe to say roses have become the most popular flowers worldwide. An interesting fact about roses is that in Greek and Roman iconography roses were famous symbols tied to Aphrodite or Venus the goddess of love.

Why is it called Valentine’s day? During the third century in Rome, Emperor Claudius II declared it illegal for soldiers to marry. The priest Valentine performed secret marriages for young lovers during that period in history and his punishment was execution. He was thereafter named Saint Valentine whom still stands as a symbol of love today. So in the name of Love and Saint Valentine we have picked out 6 beautiful Roses to share with you today. Happy Valentine’s Day!

1.'LD Braithwaite' Rose

A red rose symbolises love, respect, and passion. A bouquet of red roses for your partner would be a special way to let them know you love and respect them.

Red Rose

Image Source

Colour: Red crimson
Fragrant: Mild

2. 'Dame de Coeur’ Rose

‘Dame de Coeur’ means Queen of Hearts in French. Gift one of these beauties or a bouquet to your wife or girlfriend let them know they are the queen of your heart.

Red Rose Dame de Couers
Image Source

Colour: Red
Fragrance: Strong

3. 'Jubilee Celebration' Rose

The meaning of peachy pink roses is desire, enthusiasm, and happiness. Gift these roses to you a friend or loved one as they make the perfect ‘Thank You’ gesture.

Pink Rose
Image Source

Colour: Peach/Salmon Pink
Fragrance: Mild

4. 'Tiffany' Rose

A pink rose can mean romance, elegance, admiration, sweetness, thank you and happiness. It is a delicate and beautiful way to tell a loved one you want to thank them and admire them.

Pale Pink Rose Tiffany
Image Source

Colour: Pale Pink
Fragrance: Mild

5. 'Double Delight' Rose

The double delight is a classic hybrid tea rose initially introduced in 1976 in the USA. The hybrid rose would be a great gift for that unique and special someone in your life who likes to stand out from the crowd.

Double Delight Rose
Image Source

Colour: Creamy white, pink edges
Fragrance: Strong

6.'Mr. Lincoln' Rose

Gifting one single red Rose (or any colour you desire) declares the utmost devotion to the recipient.

Mr Lincoln Red Rose
Image Source

Colour: Dark Red
Fragrance: Strong

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