Magnificent Mud Kitchens

Magnificent Mud Kitchens

Josh Moses

Mud Kithcen welcome sign

Who remembers getting out in the garden and making mud pies when they were little? I know I loved making mud pies when I was young. It might be why I love gardening so much, getting out there and getting my hands dirty!

Mud Kitchens are an awesome way to encourage your kids to get outside and get their hands dirty. They don't need to be fancy and certainly don't need to cost much. Nothing beats the simplicity and character of creating your own unique kitchen from scrounged, found and recycled items.

Mud Kitchen #1
Small & simple, if you're handy something like this can easily be put together with recycled wood.
Simple Wooden Mud Kitchen
Mud Kitchen #2
If you have got the space then a large Mud Kitchen provides plenty of space for muddy creations.
Large Mud Kitchen made from old decking
Mud Kitchen #3
A wonderful new life for an old tree!
Rustic Mud Kitchen made from logs
Mud Kitchen #4
If you happen to have an old sink lying about, then what better way to use it!?
Mud Kitchen fitted with a sink
Mud Kitchen #5
Painting the Mud Kitchen can add a lovely touch of colour to the garden.
Mud Kitchen painted green
Mud Kitchen #6
Setting bowls into the bench act as Mud Kitchen sinks.
Mud Kitchen made from wood with a roof
Mud Kitchen #7
A little imagination goes along way, the wooden cooktop is a nice touch.
Basic Mud Kitchen made from tree stumps
Mud Kitchen #8
Old pallets make for a quick creation.
Mud Kitchen with sink made from recycled pallets
Mud Kitchen #9
This one is like something out of the Flintstones, one for the carpenters me thinks!
Mud Kitchen that looks like its from the flintstones
Mud Kitchen #10
Mud Kitchens can be made from anything, you just need a little creativity!
Mud Kitchen mad from tyres

These 10 ideas just go to show, you can make a Mud Kitchen from almost anything and by adding mud, pebbles, water and/or sand the Mud Kitchen is open for business!

And remember, the best Mud Kitchens are made in collaboration with the children who will be using them.

Happy Mud Baking!

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