How to Create a Romantic Garden


Gardens naturally are romantic places... Serene, enchanting and inviting, they have been a place reserved for couples and loved ones for centuries. I've got four tips to help redesign your garden, and four absolutely magical gardens to inspire your landscaping!

Transforming Your Own Garden

Here are four top tips to transform your average garden into a special romantic retreat.

Plants & Flowers

It’s important to start off with the plants, as the tone of your garden relies heavily on the plants that you grow. Picking colours and smells that complement each other is a great start. Ultimately, go for plants that you really like. Flowering perennials are a great option because you won’t need to replant your garden each year. While the list is long, some of my favourites include salvia, Russian sage, lavender, lilies, foxglove, peony, bleeding heart, pansy, hollyhock and camellia. Tulips can also function as perennials or annuals depending on the climate, and are absolutely stunning when they come into bloom. And of course, no romantic garden is complete without roses!


Colour Scheme

It can often be easier to choose one focal point in your garden or outdoor space and build your design off of that. The most obvious choice of colours in a romantic colour scheme would be pink hues, reds and whites. However, this is open to interpretation. Different shades of yellow, white, and some green foliage can also look amazing. Different shades of purple and blue can also compliment gardens beautifully and better yet, almost any flower you grow will double as a great cut flower for a vase inside or a gift to a loved one. If you haven’t yet decided on what to plant or are undecided on a colour scheme, we suggest potting in plants and doing some experimentation. Potting in plants has many benefits, including the ability to move them around being one, but also, by using bigger pots they can make a great focal point in the garden, particularly if you are stuck for ideas or need something eye-catching. If you find yourself wanting to change up the colours, planting in pots is the way to go, it’s quick to make changes and swap things out based on the season. If you are trying to avoid purchasing new pots, other items can be re-purposed for planting, such as wheelbarrows or old styles of suitcases as well. Often using items that are unexpected will help your garden to be unique and suit your own personal taste.


The addition of a couple of simple features can alter a space. Try to find pieces that complement the garden and its existing aesthetic. For example, if your space is modern and minimal, don’t go for a traditional, intricate water feature. Instead, try a simple arch structure to which you can add climbing plants to. If you’re short on space on the ground, try implementing some hanging features. Birdcages, hanging pot plants, wind chimes or other wall hangings can easily elevate a space and add to the romantic feel of a garden. If you’re after more functional features that double as decoration, stepping stones or low-rise gates that lead into other areas are perfect. All great decorative features and relatively easy to install in your garden, just be mindful of the ‘less is more mantra, it can be easy to get carried away! Check out Pinterest for some more inspiration on how to add plants and design elements cohesively.



So, you’ve created a gorgeous garden, but how can you enjoy it with your loved one? With somewhere to sit of course. As with the features, try to maintain the aesthetic feel of the garden by choosing something that flows well. This could mean a porch swing, a stone bench or a detailed cast iron loveseat depending on your space. If you’re stuck for ideas, try your local charity shop or council clean up, there are often many good quality pieces that may need a bit of love and TLC to be re-homed in your garden. If you can source something that looks ‘vintage’, go for it! This is often the best way to emulate the old-school romantic vibe. If you are going to upcycle, here are some of our best tips: ensure all the joints are secure and not wobbly, check for any mould or other damage, ensure there’s no splintering if the material is timber, and ask someone for help if the piece is larger and heavy to carry. If the piece is looking a bit run down, try a fresh coat of paint or oil and watch the transformation happen. If you’re hoping to enjoy your romantic garden year-round, try adding blankets and cushions to make it feel cosy and warm! Just don’t forget to take them inside for storage when they aren’t in use. No matter the seating option you choose, make sure to position it in an area where you can appreciate the rest of your garden!



As soon as the sun goes down, lighting is one of the most important parts of the garden and should be carefully considered. Thankfully, Hoselink has an extensive solar lights collection that has lights to suit any sort of aesthetic you may desire. From festoon lights to fairy lights, these are not only an eco-friendlier option but are also more cost-effective as they are powered by the sun and not electricity. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to create an atmosphere whilst simultaneously ensuring there is visibility around the garden for safety and security. Our romantic garden light recommendation: fairy lights of course! Fairy lights will emit a delicate, soft and even distribution of light and can be set to either constant light or flashing on and off, resembling the twinkling stars in the night sky. Hoselink’s fairy lights are available in warm white or cool white, perfect for any sort of mood you’re looking to create. Even better, once they are installed, they are very little to no maintenance! They are 100% waterproof and weatherproof and the solar panel can be removed from the string of lights for charging to avoid compromising on the perfect set-up.


While fairy lights are perfect, there are so many others in our Solar Light Range that work with several different spaces, scattering the light and ensuring that nothing is too bright will help emulate the romantic mood in your garden. If you’re after some more lighting that requires less set-up but still adds to your romantic garden, try our Solar Crackle Light Jar or our Solar Lantern. Both of these options can be situated on an outdoor coffee table or hung from a tree branch to add some magic to your romantic garden. Better yet, they also make a great gift! To view the full range of Hoselink Solar Lights, click here.


There you have it, our best tips for re-designing and transforming your garden to feel more romantic, enchanting and an overall enjoyable space to spend time in. We hope this blog has provided you with the inspiration you need to get started!

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