How to Create a Romantic Garden

Gardens are naturally a romantic place... Serene, enchanting and inviting, they have been a place reserved for couples and loved ones for centuries. I've got four tips to help redesign your garden, and four absolutely magical gardens to inspire your landscaping!

Transforming Your Own Garden

Here are four top tips to transform your average garden into a special romantic retreat.

1. Plants

romantic flowers

It’s important to start off with the plants, as the tone of your garden relies heavily on the plants that you grow. Picking colours and smells that complement each other is a great start. Ultimately, go for plants that you really like! Flowering perennials are a great option because you won’t need to replant your garden each year. While the list is long, some of my favourites include salvia, Russian sage, lavender, Lilies, foxglove, peony, bleeding heart, pansy, hollyhock and camellia. Tulips can also function as perennials or annuals depending on the climate, and are absolutely stunning when they come into bloom. And of course, no romantic garden is complete without roses!

2. Features

garden arch with flowers

The addition of a couple of simple features can really alter a space. Try to find pieces that complement the garden and its existing aesthetic. For example, if your space is modern and minimal, don’t go for a traditional, intricate water feature. Birdcages, stepping stones and statues are all great decorative features and relatively easy to install in your garden. An arch is a fantastic way to bring together the plants and design elements cohesively.

3. Seating

garden seat

So you’ve created a gorgeous garden, but how can you enjoy it with your loved one? Somewhere to sit of course. As with the features, try to maintain the aesthetic feel of the garden by choosing something that flows well. This could mean a porch swing, a stone bench or a detailed cast iron loveseat depending on your space. Regardless, make sure to position it in an area where you can appreciate the rest of your garden!

4. Lighting

fairy lights

As soon as the sun goes down, lighting is one of the most important parts of the garden, and should be carefully considered. Fairy lights are a cheap, simple way to light up the garden and create atmosphere. Generating a delicate, soft and even distribution of light, fairy lights are twinkling reminders of the night sky! Candle light is also great, but can of course be a little bit dangerous. Alternatively, try using warm in-ground lighting scattered here and there. Avoid harsh, bright lights, which can be jarring.

Garden Ideas

beautiful garden

A fantastic mix of flowers and plants in cool and warm colours, this gorgeous garden captured at dusk incorporates a water feature.

garden view from window

This garden makes great use of the small space, surrounding the sitting area with foliage and potted flowers.

rose garden with fountain

A garden on a larger scale, elements of this can be applied to any space. The water feature pairs beautifully with the English roses!

flower garden

Lastly, here's a very achievable garden packed with beautiful flowers

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