Read one customers' story on why he choose Hoselink for his recreational vehicle

Hoselink and Recreational vehicles – a match made in heaven

By Alan Betteridge

Is there anything more annoying than to get to your favourite caravan park only to find that your water connections leak?  Not only is it annoying but time consuming as you search through a myriad of spare fittings and replace ‘O’ rings in search of a waterproof seal.

Whether you own a motorhome or, as in my case, a caravan this is always an ongoing problem.  The problem lies with ordinary hose fittings not being designed or indeed capable of being taken off and on multiple times. In addition to leaking problems there is always the constant risk of a hose becoming detached from the fitting while you are either sleeping or away exploring the area you are staying in.

Can you imagine anything worse than waking up or coming home and finding your camp spot now resembles a small swimming pool?  A good neighbour may notice and turn off the tap, but you can’t always depend on that, particularly if it happens during the night.

Having had experienced the utter delights of owning Hoselink connectors on all of my taps at home I thought why not fit the caravan with them?  The cost to do so is not too bad but the benefits of doing so are priceless.  No more leaking taps and wasted time and peace of mind knowing they will not become disconnected and cause mayhem if you are away or asleep.

Since converting my van to Hoselink connectors I have not had any more leakage problems or wasted time when connecting up.  Caravan park owners are happy with the result as well, after all it is them that have to pay the water rates and a leaking tap can use a huge amount of water.  Imagine what having 30 or 40 leaking taps at home would do to your water rates bill?  In fact one park owner in an area that was suffering drought conditions confided in me that he wished all van and motorhome owners would do the same.  Not only would it save him money but precious water as well.  He said if he had his way he would make them a mandatory fitting in all vans and motorhomes using the park.

High praise indeed.

The cost to convert my van to Hoselink connectors was less than $25 – probably the best money I’ve spent in years.