Spare O-Rings 12mm

Ensure a watertight seal

$ 2.00

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Product Info

Pack of 3 spare O-rings.

The black rubber O-rings securely fit into the groove between the face of each 12mm Hoselink fitting to ensure a solid watertight seal.

O-Rings should remain firmly in place and rarely need to be changed, however they can become dislodged if you disconnect the fittings with the water pressure on. To prevent this, turn off the tap and press the trigger on your spray gun to release the water pressure in the hose before disconnecting the fittings.

All Hoselink Starter Kits come with a spare pack of 3 O-Rings.

Please Note:

  • These O-rings are made specifically for 12mm Hoselink fittings are not suitable for other uses
  • You are unlikely to find suitable Hoselink O-rings are your local hardware store
  • These are not suitable for 18mm Hoselink fittings,
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Product Specifications

Model Name Spare O-Rings
Model Number 2720
Material Rubber
Colour Black
Size 12mm
Assembly Required No
Individual Item No
Warranty 1 year

What's Included

  • Spare O-Rings 12mm (x3)
  • Latest Hoselink Catalogue


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Spare O-Rings 12mm has a rating of 5/5 based on 121 reviews.


By: Verified Buyer
25 February 2018
i have been using hoselink products for many years now some of the & needed replacing so simply got on line ordered what i required this process was so smooth and seamless. the parts tuned up super quick. simply fitted new "O"s and once again water tight fittings now bear in mind these are some of the first hoselink joiners sold never out of the sun and are back to 100% functionality. and yes i would back them not to pull apart even if they were hooked to my 4x4.

Spare O-Rings

By: Verified Buyer
18 January 2018
I bought these because one of my 17-year-old connectors I'd bought in McEwans had lost it's o-ring and I couldn't find a replacement anywhere. I was surprised when I came across HoseLink and they told me the current o-rings would work my older model connectors. I decided to replace all of the o-rings and they have made my old connectors work like new again. No leaks whatsoever.

Spare O rings SKU2720

By: Verified Buyer
15 January 2018
I've needed these when I least expect it. Only recently did I need these & didn't think to order spares earlier. They're simple to fit & they work. Works for me.

O rings

By: Verified Buyer
14 January 2018
I have been using Hoselink products for about 5 years, and very happy with the results. EXCELLENT PRODUCT. I have purchased the O rings in case I need them.

Spare O-Rings

By: Verified Buyer
17 November 2017
The O-rings for the tap and hose connector were easy to replace and fixed the leak I had. Very happy with the results.

12mm O-Rings

By: Verified Buyer
16 October 2017
Handy to have spare o-rings as you need them so your hose works properly, they can fall out without you noticing when you change nozzles.


By: Verified Buyer
13 October 2017
I was stoked to be able to buy these spare o rings. My husband is forever disconnecting the hose to flush his boat motor and would lose the rings. Eventually I couldn’t find the last one in the garden. Great to know parts are available and affordable instead of buying a whole new nozzle.

Spare parts for an otherwise perfect fitting syste

By: Verified Buyer
30 August 2017
The ordering was super easy, shipping speed of a airliner. The only gripe is these o-rings seem to constantly get lost/pop out. So happy Hoselink don't charge for a simple postage of an envelope. Hoselink. you rock.

Online Purchase of O Rings, washers and catalogue.

12 March 2017
The order was easily placed online and delivery was very quick. And a pleasant reminder from the Hoselink system that I had $5 on my account to help pay for these purchases! Delivery was free which was very nice.

Good product, prompt service

By: Verified Buyer
8 March 2017
Functional o-rings are clearly important for the hose link to tap. We lost one when unclipping the hose; not sure how. Replacement ordered, sent promptly (free postage, thanks), easily installed and now all is good.

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