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In-line Water Filter

Trap dirt from tank or ground water

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Reduce blockages in sprinklers and sprayers.

If your fine-holed sprayer or sprinkler is continually clogging up with dirt and grit through the water supply, then an In-line Water Filter installed at the tap may help to reduce the problem.  Ideal for use with bore water and products such as Retractable Hose Reels and high pressure washers.

Hoselink's In-line Water Filter attaches directly to the tap, then you simply attach your hose fitting underneath.  The water passes through the filter and larger particles are captured in the mesh section.  The filter section is easily removed for rinsing and cleaning.

The In-line Water Filter comes with a size reducer, so will fit either standard Australian tap size.

12 month warranty

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Product Specifications

Model Name
In-line Water Filter
Model Number
Plastic, steel mesh
Clear, black, gold (colour), silver (mesh)
Fitting Size
Maximum Pressure
Mesh Size
380 um (Microns)
Assembly Required


Q. What is the size of the mesh filter?
A. It is 380 um (Microns).

Q. What sort of water quality can I expect from the filter?
A. The filter will help to trap large dirt particles from the water before it goes through the hose.  It is useful to stop clogging of fine sprinkler heads and equipment.  This filter is not a drinking water filter.


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In-line Water Filter has a rating of 5/5 based on 69 reviews.

Excellent Product

By: Verified Buyer
23 February 2018
Delivery was fast and this filter is perfect for the task which is to filter water being pumped from a trailer tank for garden watering and fire fighting purposes. No more blocked or compromised nozzles due to algae build up in the tank, and the bonus is that the filter is visible and easy to clean. We purchased two of these filters and the second one is being used to filter bugs and other debris from a tank used for gravity feeding water to a small orchard. No need to constantly clear the drip feeders any more, as the filter is doing an excellent job and saving hours of frustrating work!

In-line Water Filter

By: Verified Buyer
1 February 2018
What a great product. I have added this to my Hoselink setup that I use on my pressure washer. Previously it stopped and started a bit as the water from the tanks can be a bit iffy. Not any more. Best of all I can see what's going on in the clear filter so I don't have to guess if it's clogged or not.

Essential for the home

By: Verified Buyer
27 December 2017
Not many places sell these, but I believe they are definitely worth having, especially if you use a pressure washer often. Build quality is great and price very decent.

Very happy

By: Verified Buyer
18 December 2017
I was very happy with my purchase, turned up sooner than I had expected. Good job HOSELINK. Thankyou


By: Verified Buyer
12 October 2017
Tuff design, great easy to use

Inline Water Filter for Pressure Washer

By: Verified Buyer
4 October 2017
I bought this for extra protection for my petrol pressure washer. Any extra debris in the pump of a pressure washer can cause major issues. Most pressure washers recommend having something but very hard to find. Major hardware store did not have and mower shops didn't have. I installed on the outlet of the outside house tap and it works great. I was surprised it picked some debris as you never know. Very glad I bought this and would highly recommend.

In Line Water Filter

By: Verified Buyer
3 March 2017
Bought the filter to prevent the tiny filter in my washing machine from blocking up when using tank water. So far it's worked great. The visibility offers the reassurance that water is flowing.

good for more than just your garden

9 February 2017
I actually bought this product for washing my car, as I have a black car and our tap water is just horrible and dirty and no matter how quickly I dry my car, I end up with water marks and on a new car its really annoying to put it politely but this product has made a big difference the water is better and looks cleaner and my car looks clean after I wash it now, this product is easy to use and does work !!!!!


9 February 2017
Great and easy to connect.

Good product for the money paid

5 February 2017
I required a filter for tank water feeding our washing machine but certainly didn't need an expensive or cumbersome unit that did more than remove possible solids or fine particles. This unit was so easy to install and although the threaded fittings are plastic they do not seem weak and the item is perfect for my situation.

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