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Ground Hose Guide

Protect garden edges when pulling the hose

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When your hose drags over your garden beds as you pull it around, then you need a Ground Hose Guide to keep it running where you need it!

Push the Ground Hose Guide into the ground at the edge of your garden bed.  As you pull the hose around the garden, the swivel will ensure the hose easily moves around the bed, protecting your plants.

Also ideally placed at the corner of the house or deck.

Install multiple Ground Hose Guides along your garden edges where trouble spots occur.

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Ground Hose Guide
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UV Resistant
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12 months


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Ground Hose Guide has a rating of 5/5 based on 35 reviews.

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By: Verified Buyer
7 January 2018
this product saves my plants from being ripped out

Stealth guides

18 March 2016
I like these guides as they can sit under plants and unobtrusively allow the hose to snake around the beds. No tripping up. They just quietly do their job!

Ground hose guide

28 February 2016
Great product that costs very little and saves considerable in reduced damage to plants and seedlings.

SKU 2240

19 February 2016
I bought this pack for my son in law after using his hose to wash my car & the the hose kept blowing off the tap. I have Hoselink at my home & know how good the product is.. Now my son in law is a hoselink convert too

Ground hose guide SKU 4540

19 February 2016
This little ground hose guide is fantastic, makes pulling my long hose around the corner so much it

Ground Hose Guide

13 February 2016
Very handy stops hose going through garden bed

Knee pad

9 February 2016
Absolutley love it, makes gardening so much easier.

Ground Hose Guide.

7 February 2016
These are a great idea! Many plants have been 'saved' by using these little guides to re-direct the hose around them, thus avoiding their destruction as the hose is pulled around the garden.

little helper

31 January 2016
I used to get angry when I pulled the hose over the garden bed and the hose would damage the plants. these little guides have made rolling out and manoeuvring the hose so much easier especially when the hose guide rollers assist to move the hose.

Ground Hose Guide

27 January 2016
I bought two hose guides when I bought my hose, and find them absolutely great, for keeping the hose away from my gardens. This product is not available anywhere else and is a brilliant idea.

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