Shed Loads of Shed Ideas

Shed Loads of Shed Ideas


Sheds are usually fairly ordinary and used for the purpose of storing all your gardening equipment, outdoor items and pretty much anything you can’t find room for elsewhere. However a simple lick of paint can turn your ordinary shed into something extraordinary and some people even go a step further and transform their sheds into something amazing. Here is a collection of 10 great shed ideas from around the world…..

Rustic red and wooden shedShed #1

A rustic little number with a shelter so you can work outdoors come rain or shine.

green painted shedShed #2

A very pretty shed decorated with gorgeous bunting and flowers.

shed with tall pointy roof like a fairy tale houseShed #3

I can't help but feel there is either an evil witch or a hobbit living in this shed.

upside down boat and old window panes make this shedShed #4

This proves you really can make something from anything.

black and white shed looks like a boatShed #5

Giving a whole new meaning to a boat shed.

shed completly covered in plantsShed #6

A shed that's truly part of the garden.

Green shed looks like a tea potShed #7

I have no words for this…

rustic shed with arched windows looks like a churchShed #8

Love the windows, giving it a church like appearance.

shed made out of trelisShed #9

This shed has built in air conditioning.

sophisticated shed painted shades of greyShed #10

I love how this blends in beautifully with its surroundings.

These 10 sheds just go to show that no matter what shape, size or material your shed is you can make it into something more.

Do you have an unusual or beautiful shed? We would love to see it, post a picture on our Facebook page.

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