Creating A Unique Vertical Garden

Creating A Unique Vertical Garden

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Succulents planted in a frame on an outside wallYou do not require a big garden or yard to have lovely plants and flowers. Vertical gardens do not require much space. Actually, they can be designed in various styles and techniques to suit your needs. There are numerous vertical garden ideas that are creative, and at the same time easy to maintain and implement. Vertical gardening ideas can maintain your kitchen, garden terrace, backyard, and even balcony. Here are some creative ways to establish living walls.

Moss and Fern Painting
This can also be called 3D painting of lovely ferns and moss. You simply put a big wooden frame on the wall and plant moss and ferns inside it. It will produce a lovely combination of dark and light green leafs. This is a great way to decorate doorways or balconies. Alternatively, you can even use plants (see this living walls page for plant variations)

Pouched Gardening System
If you have an out garden that you want to decor, or just cover up a side that is untidy, then this is wonderful idea you can implement. Find a thick cloth and hang it on your face, resembling pouches; think of the kangaroo bag. Proceed to add your favourite flowers and plants and you will achieve the beauty that you always desire.Plants in hanging soda bottles

Working with Soda Bottles
Those juice and soda bottles lying around in your yard can be very useful. Soda bottles can be used as planters. However, you need to be creative and articulate enough to bring out the real beauty. Tie all the soda bottles together and suspend them from the top of the wall. Dig holes at the centre part and place your desired flowers, draping plants are wonderful for planting in the top and covering the bottle as they grow. They will cover the wall in a way that you never imagined.

Picture Planter
Plants, planted in a frame on a kitchen wall.You can have a vertical garden planter that resembles a plant painting. Imagine your photo frame, but instead of the photo, you have lovely flowers inside. An old frame lying in your storeroom can be used. Just remove the back support and to make it easy to anchor on the wall and place your plants. It is advisable to plant coriander and such plants to bring out the desired effect.

Utilise Vertical Structures
Bare fences and walls are just a waste of space, on top of looking ugly after wear and tear. They can provide you with a blank canvas that you grow your flowers. They can also be utilised to display garden art.

You can try drilling the front part of the wall. If that is tedious or hard to achieve, use hanging hooks and include planters on top. Additionally, signs and artwork can be attached with some creative inspiration. If you have empty wall spaces in your house, you can include a vertical garden here. Use materials such as small cloth baskets and add your plants and flowers.

Vertical planting wall hanging in a kitchenInside Kitchen Garden
You might have an old oven or cupboard in the kitchen that you no longer use. You can utilise it for vertical gardening. Plant beautiful flowers and plants to make your kitchen appear ravishing, lively, and beautiful. On top of that, you will have an unlimited supply of fresh air.

There are numerous ways to bring out the creativity in your, through vertical gardening. If you do it right, you will have a unique yard or interior space looking beautiful and attractive, using readily available materials.

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