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Types of Weeds & How to Identify them

Ashley van Raad

Weeds can be a nuisance in any lawn, but identifying and treating them can be a bit tricky. In Australia, many different types of weeds can grow in lawns, and each one requires a different approach to control. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of the most common weeds found in Australian lawns, how to identify them, and what steps can be taken to control them, so you can have your lawn looking healthier in no time. 

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Clover is a common weed found in lawns across Australia. It can be identified by its small, round leaves and white or pink flowers. If you notice bare patches in your lawn that appear to be spreading, this could also be clover.  
Clover can be difficult to control because it spreads quickly and easily via underground runners. You can use a herbicide that is specifically designed to target clover; however, it's important to note that these herbicides can also harm your grass, so it's essential to read the instructions and use as directed. Alternatively, clover can be controlled through regular mowing, fertilisation and proper irrigation.  

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for lawn fertiliser, then look no further than Hoselink’s 3-Day Green Lawn Fertiliser. A well-being and remedy lawn fertiliser suitable for all lawns, the Hoselink Green Lawn product will help your grass absorb all essential nutrients at the root source. Use with the Fertiliser Spray Mixer and apply regularly, shortly after mowing.  

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Another common lawn weed is the dandelion. It is easily recognisable by its bright yellow flowers and fluffy seed heads. The leaves are deeply lobed and have jagged edges. You can also spot them by checking for plants that seem to be growing taller than the surrounding grass. 

Dandelions can quickly take over a lawn if left unchecked. To control them, you can use a broadleaf herbicide that targets dandelions specifically, or you can manually pull them up by the roots using Hoselink’s Stand-up Weed Puller. Be aware that the taproot of dandelion can be quite deep, so it's better to use a special weeding tool, like our Weed Puller, designed to remove the entire weed and its root system. A dense and healthy lawn can also help prevent dandelions from becoming established, so consider regular mowing, irrigation and feeding to keep your grass in top condition. 

Some other helpful weeding tools for your collection include our Hand-scythe Weeder and Garden Weeder. Both of these tools have been ergonomically designed and in the case of the Stand-Up Weed puller, can even make weeding fun!  

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Bindii is a common weed in lawns, it is known for its small, spiky seedheads that pop up from early spring and can be painful to walk on. The leaves are low-growing, and the plant produces a small white flower. 

To control bindii, you can use a herbicide that targets bindii specifically, or you can manually pull them up by the roots. Be sure to use protective gear in the garden, like Hoselink’s Lightweight Bamboo Garden Gloves, before pulling them up. Or, better yet, use our bestselling Stand-up Weed Puller and save yourself from any excessive bending over. Regular mowing can also help control bindii by cutting off the seedheads before they mature.  

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Crowsfoot Grass 

Crowsfoot, also known as crowsfoot grass, is a common weed found in lawns and growing in damp or shady areas. It is known for its small star-shaped white or yellow flowers and leaves that loosely resemble the shape and appearance of a crow's foot. It's typically found in damp or shady areas and spreads quickly via underground rhizomes (a type of plant stem). 

To control crowsfoot, you can use a herbicide that targets crowsfoot specifically, or you can manually pull them up by the roots using our Stand-Up Weed Puller or Weeding Hand Tools. It is also important to improve drainage and sunlight in damp and shady areas to discourage further crowsfoot growth. 

crows foot weed

Annual grasses 

Annual grasses are fast-growing grassy plants that can quickly outcompete lawn grasses. They're often found in bare or thin areas of lawns and can be identified by their tall, thin blades. Examples of annual grasses that can be commonly found in Australia include summer grass (Cynodon dactylon) and annual bluegrass (Poa annua). 

To control annual grasses, you can use a herbicide that targets annual grasses specifically or use a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent their germination. You can also remove them manually by hand-pulling or using Hoselink’s Stand-up Weed Puller. It's also important to make sure your lawn is healthy and well-maintained through regular mowing, fertilisation, and irrigation so that it can outcompete the annual grasses. 

annual grasses

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Broad-leaf weeds 

Broad-leaf weeds are easily identified by their broad leaves and can include dandelions, clover, thistles and plantains. They tend to grow in compacted or infertile soil and can be removed by digging up the roots or using a selective broad leaf weed killer. It's important to remember that not all broad-leaf plants are weeds, some can be ornamental. 

You can manually control broad-leaf weeds by pulling them up with your favourite Hoselink weeding tool or take a preventative measure by applying a pre-emergent herbicide in late winter. You can also use an all-purpose herbicide throughout the growing season. To avoid broad-leaf weeds from becoming a problem, it's important to prevent them from becoming established in the first place. Try to be proactive if you notice any in your lawn and, as usual, keeping your lawn mowed, well-watered and fertilised will help.  

broad leaf weed being pulled from lawn with weeder

Top tips 

Whilst there is no cure-all recipe for weeds, it is certainly clear that to prevent most varieties, a healthy and hydrated lawn is crucial. If you’re looking for a watering solution, Hoselink has you covered. Hoselink offers Retractable Hose Reels in 20m and 30m lengths, making them perfect no matter your lawn size. Or, if you prefer a more hands-off approach, check out our Sprinklers and Irrigation product range.  

Hoselink’s Fertiliser range is made in Australia and has been designed to be safe to use around pets and children. Click here to view the range.  

All in all, identifying and treating weeds in your lawn can be a bit tricky, but by understanding the different types of weeds that are commonly found in Australian lawns and what steps can be taken to control them, you can keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful all year round. 

It is important to note that each lawn and weed is unique, so it's always best to consult with a lawn professional or seek advice from your local nursery for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. It's also important to accurately follow the instructions when using herbicides and be aware of the chemicals' environmental implications.

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