Gorgeous Garden Ponds

13 ideas to inspire you to create an amazing pond for your garden. A pond can be so much more than just a hole in the ground!

21 July 2015

Not all Garden ponds are created equal, some are simply shaped and hold prized fish. Others are there to provide a natural habitat for some garden visitors and then there are the ponds which are the focal point of the garden. Here is a collection of some ponds that are a little different or just outstandingly beautiful.

Pond #1

The amount of work that would have gone into this amazing pond is just staggering but what an amazing result

Very large pond with swirled grass islands

Pond #2

Not every pond has to be in the ground, this is a pretty cool above ground pond.

A pond in a large metal tub

Pond #3

Waterfalls are a popular feature of a pond, they help to move the water around and provide a lovely sound to listen to.

a small rock waterfall into a pond

Pond #4

Bridges over a pond not only provide a walkway to the other side, they are the perfect to sit on and dip your toes in the water.

large pond with bridge

Pond #5

A little jetty is another way of providing a place to sit and dangle your toes in the water.

large pond with stone jetty

Pond #6

This pond is spectacular, plenty of places to sit and enjoy some relaxation.

large pond with gazebo

Pond #7

Great to be able to sit by the pond a listen to the trickling waterfall.

pond built into decking

Pond #8

I love the idea of being able to have a big enough pond for a boat.

large pond with small row boat

Pond #9

This is a really pretty use of a beautiful big stone. The water fills up each time it rains, so it’s temporary unless you continue to fill it up in dry times.

tiny pond in heart shape cut out of stone slab

Pond #10

This pond is more like a stream, such a beautiful use of water and plants.

Small rock waterfall

Pond #11

For those of you that have large ponds with ducks then here is a great floating duck house.

weaved duck house

Pond #12

If you don’t have the option to have a pond in the garden then here is a lovely waterplant container.

miniture pond in large glass owl

Pond #13

Great use of an old boat, no digging required.

pond in an old metal canoe

There you have it 13 gorgeous garden pond ideas. If you have an unusual or beautiful pond then please feel free to share a picture with us on our Facebook page, we would love to see it.

Happy Hosing!

Comments (6)

a big thank you

its wonderful to dream, thank you for providing such beautiful thoughts Valerie
, 4 September 2016
3 and 10 could be reality in my garden soon..Already hand dug a " Pantanal " ...15 meters long.. Wonderful ideas <3 Thank you...
, 16 May 2016
Pond 10 or 13 would be mine! X
11 May 2016

my wish

my dream is to have an amazing pond like the images provide
, 13 October 2015

Beautiful ponds!

It's given me ideas.
, 18 August 2015