Hoselink Blog

  • 19/9/18

    Hoselink CEO and Founder Tim Kierath heads to the Australian countryside to see first-hand the crippling effects of drought and how rural relief is being put to use

  • 18/9/18

    Whether you are decorating for a special occasion or just want to bring flowers in from the outside, a wreath is an eye-catching way to display your favourite blooms

  • 12/9/18

    From September to November, the magical blooms of spring bring new life to the landscape as the weather warms up. From anemones to daffodils, discover a riot of colour this season

  • 7/9/18

    Have you ever considered that maybe the reason your plants aren’t holding up is because of the climate where you live? Read more to uncover which plants best suit your area

  • 4/9/18

    September marks the start of spring when warmer weather means plenty of planting, pruning and tidying. Discover what you need to do in the backyard this season

  • 31/8/18

    You don’t have to live in the tropics to create a tropical paradise in your backyard. With careful planning and good planting choices, you can have a resort-style oasis in no time

  • 28/8/18

    Discover how to make everything from a bee hotel to a nest box to help native wildlife thrive in your backyard this spring

  • 23/8/18

    From sunflowers to lavender, we’ve rounded up the simplest plants to grow for newbie gardeners and those short on time

  • 21/8/18

    After the shocking news that NSW is now in 100 per cent drought, it’s never been more crucial to save water

  • 14/8/18

    Help choose the perfect present for your dad with our ultimate Father's Day gift guide packed with ideas he'll love

  • 9/8/18

    You’ve seen the Smart Approved WaterMark on packaging, and you know it must be good, but what exactly does this little logo mean for you? We find out…

  • 7/8/18

    Brimming from the borders of your garden, ferns can create a tropical labyrinth of green in even the shadiest of gardens