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Hoselink Hose Reels

The Perfect All-In-One Solution For Your Garden

Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel

Tangled hoses, bursting fittings and unsightly hose coils – who needs them?! If you’re ready for a watering experience you’ll love, then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s just a hose right? No, it’s way more than that!

Install a Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel and say good-bye to all those old hose problems you’ve put up with for years. With Hoselink on your side, you’ll discover watering becomes a pleasure you’ll look forward to.

It’s time to say good-bye to…

  • Sudden showers from bursting fittings
  • Endless hose tangles and knots
  • The hassle of winding up a messy hose

With Hoselink you’ll enjoy…

  • An attractive & tidy hose storage solution
  • A reliable & easy to use garden hose
  • How easy it becomes to water your garden

Nothing Compares to a Hoselink

So simple to wind up, every time

The superior rewind mechanism in our reel does the hard work for you, no more struggling with an unruly hose.

No more dripping, leaky fittings

Our patented hose connectors are guaranteed to never burst off the hose. They connect easily with a simple point and twist motion.

Get your watering done with ease

Never before has watering been this enjoyable and easy. Hoselink is the complete watering solution that won’t let you down.

The neat and tidy hose storage solution

Hoselink’s attractive design and neutral colour scheme will complement the look of your home and garden.

Crafted with quality. Packed with everything you need.

Hoselink arrives as a complete package. Simply mount the wall bracket, attach to the tap and you’re ready to start watering in no time!

  • Pre-fitted with Hoselink Connectors
  • Spring-loaded All-Seasons Hose
  • 2m Leader Hose
  • Wall Bracket
  • Stainless Steel Screw Set
  • Metal 7-Function Spray Gun
  • Free Delivery Australia-Wide
Everything Included in our Hose Reel

We’ve Thought of Everything So You Can Get on With Your Watering

Stop-Anywhere Locking Mechanism Icon Self-Locking

With our stop-anywhere locking system, securing the hose at any length is quick and fuss-free.

Spring Loaded Retraction Icon Spring Loaded Retraction

The internal spring setting will withstand thousands of retractions, while being easy enough for almost anyone to extend the hose.

Self-Layering System Icon Self-Layering System

This feeds the hose from side to side ensuring a neat coil inside the reel, every time.

Purpose Built All-Seasons Hose Icon Purpose Built All-Seasons Hose

Designed with a smooth exterior and consistent diameter for correct function on rewind. It easily handles both hot and cold climates.

Integrated Carry Handles Icon Integrated Carry Handles

With 2 strategically placed handles, the unit is easy to lift and carry around, making storage a breeze.

180⁰ Pivot Icon 180⁰ Pivot

The cleverly designed mounting bracket allows the reel to pivot 180⁰ so the hose follows your direction as you water.

Built Tough Icon Built Tough

The UV stabilised casing, stainless-steel hardware, quality hose and strong nylon connectors make for a high quality unit that is built to last.

Convenient and So Easy to Use

We’ve sold over 350,000 hose reels and have over 10,000 five star hose reel reviews.

“Imagine my delight when I found it lived up to all expectations. It’s now a joy to water my garden.”
V. Farrell October 2017
“Well into our 70’s we were battling to control our hose and in danger of falling over it. With the Hoselink it is so easy. Ordering was a breeze, so pleased with the whole procedure.”
B. Mader October 2017
“This is the best hose I have ever used. It is now exciting to water and to wash the car and not get annoyed with the old hose. I wish I purchased a Hoselink years ago.”
N. Dunne October 2017
“This is the Rolls Royce of hoses, goodbye drips, tangles and frustration. Thanks for a great product and matching service!”
D. Richardson Ooctober 2017
“My partner was a bit sceptical, but as soon as he used this hose he was converted. It just feels so well made and sturdy, miles better than any other hose I’ve ever used.”
G. McDonald September 2017
Money Back Guarantee

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