Auto-fill Pet Bowl + 5m Hose & Tap Connector

Fills automatically to keep your thirsty pets hydrated!

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Hoselink's completely re-designed Auto-fill Pet Water Bowl is perfect for small to medium sized dogs, cats, birds and other small animals.

For outdoor use, the pet bowl can be connected to your garden tap for a constantly replenished water supply.  There is no need to worry about your pet's drinking bowl drying up ever again.

It utilises a float mechanism hidden away from your pet at the back of the bowl that automatically refills every time your loved one takes a drink and has a rubber grip base so it is sturdy enough not to move about when being used.  The pet bowl can also be secured to the ground (eg. with 2 tent pegs, not supplied) to ensure it does not move around.

For indoor use, a regular P.E.T. bottle (not supplied) full of water can be attached instead of connecting to a hose.  With the curved bowl, it is also easy to clean.

Please consider the nature of your dog when deciding whether this product will be suitable (it may not be suitable for dogs with a habit of chewing through garden hoses - yes, we're serious).


  • Auto-fill Pet Bowl, with float mechanism
  • Hoselink Accessory Connector (to be screwed onto the water inlet)
  • 5m Hose pre-fitted with 2 Hoselink Hose End Connectors
  • Hoselink Universal Tap Connector

This product comes with everything needed to connect the bowl to your tap.

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What's Included

Auto-Fill Pet Water Bowl

Auto-Fill Pet Water Bowl

Fills automatically from a hose or regular P.E.T. bottle (not included) to keep your pets hydrated. Includes Accessory Connector.

Universal Tap Connector

Universal Tap Connector

Screws onto any size Australian tap for a watertight seal between your tap and hose.

Leader Hose Extension 5m

Leader Hose Extension 5m

5m length of hose with pre-fitted Hose End Connectors (x2). Connect one end to your tap and the other end to your pet bowl.

Product Specifications

Model Name
Auto-fill Pet Water Bowl + 5m Hose & Tap Connection
Model Number
Bowl - Plastic, Fittings - Nylon, Hose - PVC
Green and grey
Dimensions Base - 31cm x 25cm Height 12cm
Hose Fitting Size
Thread Type Female
UV Resistant
Warranty 12 months

What's Included

  • Pet Bowl pre-fitted with cover and float mechanism (x1)
  • 12mm Hoselink Accessory Connector (x1)
  • Quick Start Guide

Q. Do I need to purchase anything else?
A. No, this product comes with the pet bowl, 5m hose and Universal Tap Connector.  This is everything needed to set the pet bowl up to the tap.

Q. What size pet is this product suitable for?
A. We consider the Auto-fill Pet Bowl suitable for small to medium sized dogs.  The water bowl is 7.5cm deep, 19cm across and 15cm wide. 

Q. Can I get replacement parts if need?
A. Yes, please contact Hoselink Customer Service if you need parts.


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Auto-fill Pet Bowl + 5m Hose & Tap Connector has a rating of 5/5 based on 27 reviews.

Wonderful solution for our puppy.

By: Verified Buyer
7 February 2018
My boy loves this water bowl. He absolutely loves water and often splashes all the water out of his bowl playing. Now I can relax, knowing he always has fresh water. On a hot day add some ice cubes and its even better. The hose length is great too. Sits easily on our deck which is a couple of metres from our tap.

Happy Cat

By: Verified Buyer
4 November 2017
Great Quality Product And Very Useful.


By: Verified Buyer
22 October 2017
Just love this. I have 4 dogs and this is just perfect.

Best Bowl Ever

By: Verified Buyer
11 October 2017
This auto fill dog bowl is fantastic! I just love it. I was re-filling my labrador's bowl twice a day and when I went away sometimes the family forgot to refill his bowl (he can drink out of the pool). This just takes something off my 'to-do' list and I don't have to worry about his bowl being empty. I only wish I had bought it 4 years ago when we got our dog!!!!

Awesome product

By: Verified Buyer
23 September 2017
I have a fussy Doberman and cat and have previously tried the water bowls with filters that require manual refill. I was unhappy with needed electricity to supply the water filtered so decided to try this product. My pets love it and so do I! Cleaning is easy, I have been able to put it in the shade where it stays cool and the dribbling goes on my grass - not inside. The float works a treat and I'm happy knowing my pets have constant fresh water no matter how hot it is or thirsty they are. The valve ensures it only fills as needed and no overflow. I was hesitant to pay the bigger price tag but have been very happy with the purchase.

The perfect solution

By: Verified Buyer
18 September 2017
This product has proved the perfect solution for keeping my chickens in constant supply of water. The online purchase was trouble free, great communication and everything arrived quickly well packaged and as advertised.

Good but....

By: Verified Buyer
6 February 2017
The product is a good item, my only issue is the fact that I had the bowl for 2 days and my new puppy used it as a chew toy. When I asked about replacement parts was told only the float was available as a replacement part. Wish they could get more replacement parts for these things as I guess I will not be the only one to suffer this issue.

Auto - fill pet bowl.

2 February 2017
We just received our Auto fill pet bowl. I have 3 long haired German Shepherds and it gets a real work out its easy to clean and its convenient. I would highly recommend the product to pet owners.

Pet bowl

By: Verified Buyer
2 February 2017
The pet bowl is a favourite with my dog and no drips anywhere!


By: Verified Buyer
2 February 2017
I recently purchased the Automatic fill Pet Bowl. My pets think it's great they get fresh water 24 7 .

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