5 Air Purifying Plants for your Home

Find out what 5 plants can help reduce the pollution and toxins in your home.

Monique SC
13 July 2017

We constantly hear about pollution in the environment but we don’t often stop to think about the harmful toxins we are breathing in every day in our own homes. This blog reminds us how incredible plants are and why we should cherish all the greenery on this earth. I have selected 5 plants that will help detox and purify the air in your home for better living and well-being. 


Peace Lily

Peace lilies are known for reducing all kinds of bad toxins including benzene, ammonia, acetone, and ethyl. Lots of cleaning products have acetone in them which can cause headaches, lack of coordination and slurred speech. The Peace Lily is best placed in the hallways to keep toxins from spreading between rooms. 

Peace Lily


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant that emits oxygen at night improving your quality of sleep. It is an ideal plant for your bedroom to ensure you have a good night’s sleep.

Aloe Vera


Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is an air filtering plant that is best placed in your garage. This plant helps filter out the respiratory irritants found in car exhausts. Due its ability to thrive in low sunlight and cool temperatures allows for it to survive in your garage.

Golden Pothos


Gerbera Daisy

The Gerbera Daisy is a purifying flower that is best placed in your Laundry room because it removes benzene and formaldehyde toxins that are found in washing detergents. Benzene is harmful to your red blood cells and can cause anemia. Keep the air in your laundry room pure with a Gerbera Daisy.

Gerben Daisy



Janet Craig 

Janet Craig is a plant that reduces trichloroethylene known as TCE which can be released into the air if you shower in TCE-contaminated water.  TCE is harmful to humans because it has direct links to causing cancer and has been banned in any form of use sine the 70s however still found in several factories. This plant is best placed in your bathroom to reduce TCE. 

Janet Craig Plant

Janet Craig plant

Happy Plant shopping! 

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Above mentioned plants

Do you sell them? (I hope) Thanks
, 4 August 2017


Fantastic description of the benefits of indoor plants. Well done
, 2 August 2017


Thank you for this information on house plants can we find these in our nurseries?
, 1 August 2017
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