About Hoselink

Australia’s #1 Gardening Supplies Company, 100% Australian Family Owned & Operated

Our Story

Hoselink is an Australian family owned and run company dedicated to delivering the best watering experience you’ve ever had. From humble beginnings in 1998, we’ve grown from a small Aussie business run out of one family’s dining room into a thriving company that employs a staff of over 40.

What hasn’t changed during that time is our commitment to providing our customers with a truly exceptional experience. From purchasing Hoselink products from the comfort of their own home to our after sales support, we strive to deliver a watering and shopping experience unlike any other.

So when you purchase Hoselink, you’re not only getting quality products you can count on, you’re becoming part of the Hoselink family.

The Journey

Original Hoselink Sketch Design
1998 The Hoselink coupling patent is registered.
Hoselink Magazine Ad
1999 Sign a deal with hose manufacturer Dayco Swan to distribute fittings throughout retailers in the USA. Sign a deal with a French direct marketing company. In Australia fittings are distributed via Yates and sold in Bunnings, Big W, Mitre10, Kmart and other retailers.
Hoselink Magazine Ad
2000 Tim moves to the UK to try and build the business in Europe, with various attempts to sell direct via QVC TV shopping in the USA, UK & Germany.
Tim Kierath
2008 After battling along for 9 years and near financial ruin, the retail distribution model is abandoned. Tim re-groups and returns to Australia.
2008 Website Screenshot
Dec 2008 In a last ditch attempt to save the business, the Australian online website is launched.
Sally Holding Hose Fittings
Feb 2009 Tim’s daughter Sally leaves her job to help the business and the first customer service employees are hired. Everyone is working from the Kierath family dining room.
Tim & Sally on the Kerry-Ann Show
March 2009 Tim and his daughter Sally appear in the first 4 minute advertorial on Channel 9’s Kerry-Ann Morning Show. The phone line rings hot all day!
First Warehouse Sale
Jan 2010 With growing sales, operations are moved into a 100sqm warehouse and office space in Brookvale. Sally gets another job and leaves things to Tim to run.
Tim & Sally on our 2010 TV Commerical
Aug 2010 The first TV ad campaign starts, featuring hose fittings, hoses and a hose reel. They strike a chord and the first hose reel shipment sells out.
Nov 2010 Tim’s son Ben joins the business full-time.
Tim, James & Ben in New Warehouse
Feb 2011 Inventory and staff is growing rapidly so operations are moved into a 1,300sqm warehouse on the other side of Brookvale.
James Using Hose Reel
Mar 2011 Tim’s son James joins the business full-time (and gets roped into photo shoots).
Hoselink Car with Staff
May 2012 Tim ignites his passion for cars and at the same time helps raise funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service by entering the annual Outback Car Trek in his re-fit 1972 Holden Brougham.
Our Exhibit Setup at Newcastle
Aug 2012 Exhibit for the first time at the Newcastle Home Show. The team is blown away by the positive customer response they receive.
2013 Australian Business Award for Product Excellence Logo
Jul 2013 Our Hoselink no-burst fittings are awarded the 2013 Australian Business Award for Product Excellence.
The Hoselink Website Gets a Fresh Look
Feb 2014 The Hoselink website gets a fresh look.
Hoselink Fittings on Amazon Screenshot
Jun 2014 Start selling Hoselink fittings in the USA via Amazon.
Hoselink Current Warehouse
Mar 2015 On the move again into a 3,500sqm warehouse & office to cope with growing storage, staff and operational requirements.
2015 Australian Business Award for Product Excellence Logo
Jul 2015 This time our Hose Reels are awarded the 2015 Australian Business Award for Product Excellence.
Flow Controller
Aug 2016 A huge innovation in our hose fittings. After a complete re-design, the new and improved Hose Connector with Flow Control is launched.
Our 2016 TVC Screenshot
Sep 2016 We take a new approach to our TV advertising and freshen things up.
Apr 2017 Not to be outdone by the boys, Tim’s daughter Sally re-joins the business.
Hoselink Reviews Page Screenshot
Jul 2017 Popularity is high with 73,000+ reviews across the Hoselink website and external review sites and 100,000 likes on the Hoselink Facebook page.
Our Hoselink Container Shop
Aug 2017 Exhibiting in our portable "container" at the Agquip Field Days.
New Hoselink Homepage Screenshot
Sep 2017 Invention and innovation is an ongoing process. A number of new projects are in the works with an expected launch in early 2018. Top secret!
ORIAS 2018 Finalist
Jun 2018 Thanks to our amazing customer base, Hoselink is a finalist in the Online Retailer Association People’s Choice Award.
The Hoselink Family