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Save time and water

Enjoy freedom and flexibility with a manual or automatic Tap Timer from Hoselink. Specify your watering schedule based on time, days of the week or amount of water used. Use Hoselink’s Water Saver for an efficient and effective way to save water in your garden.

Have you got more hoses than taps?

Hoselink’s high quality brass tap adapters turn 1 tap into 2 or 4. Use with Hoselink hose fittings for a watertight connection to your hose.


Hoselink’s water controls work great with Hoselink products as well as other brands of garden hoses, hose fittings and watering accessories.

Tap Adapters

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Nozzle Flow Meter

Nozzle Flow Meter ITEM: 5809

Install near sprayer to easily see water usage More Info


Tap Flow Meter Gauge

Tap Flow Meter Gauge ITEM: 5815

Install at tap to measure water usage accurately More Info

Was $24.90 Now $20.90

On Sale
Easy Turn 2 Way Tap Adapter

Easy Turn 2 Way Tap Adapter ITEM: 5743

Larger levers, sturdy construction More Info


2-Way Brass Tap Adapter

2-Way Brass Tap Adapter ITEM: 5742

Turn one tap into two! More Info

Was $20.90 Now $18.50

On Sale
4-Way Brass Tap Adapter

4-Way Brass Tap Adapter ITEM: 5744

Turn one tap into four! More Info


In-line Water Filter

In-line Water Filter ITEM: 5830

Trap dirt from tank or ground water More Info

Was $25.90 Now $22.50

On Sale
Easy Tap Turner

Easy Tap Turner ITEM: 5822

Makes it easy to turn the tap on and off More Info


Angled Tap Protector

Angled Tap Protector ITEM: 2741

Changes direction of the hose from the tap More Info

Was $7.90 Now $5.50

On Sale
Flexible Tap Protector

Flexible Tap Protector ITEM: 5746

Reduce stress on tap fittings and timers More Info

Was $11.90 Now $8.90

On Sale
Misting Timer

Misting Timer ITEM: 5825

Short misting cycle for automated cooling More Info


Recycled Water Tap Adapter

Recycled Water Tap Adapter ITEM: 5748

Converts 1" recycled grey water taps to standard thread More Info