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Hose Connector with Flow Control (12mm)

Hose Connector with Flow Control (12mm) ITEM: 2423

Complete water control at the end of your hose More Info


Get Started Bundle

Get Started Bundle ITEM: 9961

Converts 1 hose to Hoselink plus basic extras More Info


Get Connected Bundle

Get Connected Bundle ITEM: 9963

Converts 2 hoses plus all the extras you'll need More Info


Complete Hosing Bundle

Complete Hosing Bundle ITEM: 9964

Includes 2 hoses & fittings plus watering essentials More Info


Accessory Conversion Bundle

Accessory Conversion Bundle ITEM: 9962

Covers basic connection needs More Info


Watering Bundle

Watering Bundle ITEM: 9965

The right tools to water your entire garden More Info


Out Of Stock
Cleaning Bundle

Cleaning Bundle ITEM: 9966

For easy car, house and outdoor area cleaning More Info


7.5m Weeper Hose

7.5m Weeper Hose ITEM: 4849

Ideal for watering garden beds More Info


15m Weeper Hose

15m Weeper Hose ITEM: 4848

Ideal for watering large garden beds More Info


Handy Shelf - Green

Handy Shelf - Green ITEM: 4570-G

Keeps your accessories to hand More Info


Handy Shelf - Black

Handy Shelf - Black ITEM: 4570-B

Keeps your accessories to hand More Info


Premium 7-Function Spray Gun

Premium 7-Function Spray Gun ITEM: 5528

Perfect all-round trigger spray gun More Info


Premium 7-Function Spray Gun + Fitting

Premium 7-Function Spray Gun + Fitting ITEM: 9951

Save! Includes Accessory Connector with Swivel More Info


Premium Metal Trigger Nozzle

Premium Metal Trigger Nozzle ITEM: 5531

Fully adjustable, durable trigger spray gun More Info


Comfort Control Nozzle

Comfort Control Nozzle ITEM: 5526

Comfortable and easy to use More Info

Was $17.50 Now $12.50

On Sale
8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer

8-Pattern Flow Control Sprayer ITEM: 5534

Multi-function setting via spray dial More Info


Flow Control Spray Nozzle

Flow Control Spray Nozzle ITEM: 5535

Sturdy, reliable and easy to use More Info


Ergo-Flow Sprayer

Ergo-Flow Sprayer ITEM: 5529

Easy to hold, high flow spray More Info


Shower Wand

Shower Wand ITEM: 5552

Perfect for delicate plants and flowers More Info


Long-reach Shower Wand

Long-reach Shower Wand ITEM: 5553

Extra length to reach delicate plants and flowers More Info


4 Pattern Extendable Wand

4 Pattern Extendable Wand ITEM: 5561

Watering with reach! More Info



Blaster ITEM: 5560

Good things come in small packages More Info


Super Jet Washer

Super Jet Washer ITEM: 5563

Make easy work of a tough job More Info


Long-reach Pivot Cleaner

Long-reach Pivot Cleaner ITEM: 5564

With pivoting head and flow control lever More Info


Extendable Cleaning Brush

Extendable Cleaning Brush ITEM: 7003

Super soft bristles + water flow control More Info


Extension Car Wash Brush

Extension Car Wash Brush ITEM: 7002

Lightweight & leak-free More Info


Fertiliser Spray Mixer

Fertiliser Spray Mixer ITEM: 5537

Variable spray mixer for fertiliser & weed sprays More Info


Root Waterer & Soil Breaker

Root Waterer & Soil Breaker ITEM: 5532

Great for trees and large shrubs More Info


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