Spray Gun Maintenance

Hoselink's Premium Metal Spray Gun and Premium Metal Trigger Gun have metal working parts and have been designed to allow for require periodic lubrication to keep the unit in good working order. Typically this will be every few months but may occur more or less frequently depending on water hardness.
Periodic lubrication: Use the supplied silicone oil every month or so. Drop silicone oil into the plunger under the trigger and pump handle to distribute.

Trigger handle loose or floppy?

Without periodic lubrication, the internal O rings may dry out and the stainless steel plunger (under the gun trigger) may seize causing the handle to become floppy. This can easily be resolved by either attempting the steps listed under ‘Periodic lubrication’ or for more stubborn issues a ‘Full service’ as listed below:
Full Service:

  • Use pliers to unscrew the brass cap at the back of the sprayer.
  • Remove the spring & metal plunger. Push the plunger from the trigger side first, then grip with pliers from the back to remove.
  • Clean any debris or build up inside the trigger well.
  • Drop silicone oil into the cavity and around the plunger.
  • Replace plunger & spring and brass cap in reverse order.
  • Pump the trigger until it is fully operational.

ONLY USE SILICONE OIL (Either from Hoselink - click here to buy - or your local hardware store)
NB: WD-40 and other water based lubricants are not recommended as they quickly wash away. Only a silicone based lubricant should be used.

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