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I am thrilled with the Hoselink products I have purchased. As the brochure claims, They DO NOT leak. Having dry hands after watering pot plants is just great, especially in the cold weather. The connectors and nozzle were quite easy to fix to my existing (old) hose and work wonderfully. Thank you for these ingenius products. They are well made and actually WORK. The garden utensils are of a fantastic quality stainless steel and I am happy that they are going to last me for many many years. I now longer have to purchase cheap quality hand forks or shovels. These will last me forever. I am completely happy to recommend the Hoselink products to anyone looking for decent fitting hose fittings and gardening tools, at quite reasonable prices. Thank you.
Jenny A. (East Gosford, NSW)
I would like also to thank you and everyone there for making my life a lot easier. It has to be one of the best inventions I have come across in a very long time. I used to dread having to water the lawns and plants. We have very high pressure where we live and now I don’t have any problems with watering. In fact I enjoy it knowing that I am safe turning on the tap without getting drenched. I have recommended your product to people where I work and also will be placing another order for my elderly in-laws who live up the street and have the same water pressure problem we did have with watering. I wish you all the best for the future.
My husband and I cannot thank you enough. We are amazed. Your ads are really true; a family run business that prides itself on excellent customer service. There is no way we would have got this kind of service at our local store! We will be sure to continue shopping with you, and will be referring you to all our family and friends!
Lydia & Jay
After years of hoses bursting off the tap and nozzles coming off in my hand, your product is amazing. I don't have a man around most of the time as my partner works overseas so every time these hoses burst I was stuck as I could never fix the silly things! I cannot tell you how happy I am with Hoselink. I love the fittings. I have three hoses all set up now and have not had one problem. My son can't believe them either, he works for Bunnings and was always trying to bring me home a better hose etc but nothing worked. He loves Hoselink too!
L. Johnson
I'm from New Zealand and got my Daughter to make her account with Hoselink as she lives in Bribe Island so I could purchase some HOSELINK fitting though her because they don't sell direct to NZ yet, and I have brought heaps of click on ones that leak, blow off the tap end or the end you're holding under pressure,
But these HOSELINK fitting are the bomb, no leaking any where
Thank you from New Zealand.
Graeme W. (Whangarei, Northland, NZ)
Just wanted to say how absolutely thrilled I am with my 30m auto rewind hose reel purchase. I had to wait a little while for the order to arrive but it was definitely worth the wait. I used to put off watering the garden as I would end up soaked and dirty and as a result (as much as I love gardening) lots of my precious plants would suffer. Now, it is an absolute joy to water the garden. The 30m hose does the backyard and front yard without needing to be disconnected or moved. No drips, no standing for hours trying to wind it up, no kinks – it’s a dream to use. Congratulations on inventing such an awesome product. Thank you and well done. I have also recommended it to all of my family and passed on your catalogue to them.
R. Robinson (Sydney, NSW)
Thank you for the new order I was not after anything for nothing but it's very pleasant to find a company who really does stand by its word. I recently bought a TV set from a prominent retailer it was 5 months old had hardly been used and it failed losing its picture after only 30 to 40 minutes on. $500 dollars worth and they did not believe they had to replace the set only repair it. So you see you guys are fantastic with your response. Should you need any consumer response please just ask. I am still over the moon with your product...at least your product does not explode off the tap on lots of occasions like many other hose connections. Please pass on my congratulations to your company; you make me proud to be Australian by your honest approach. Thank you again.
J. Haywood (Samson, WA)
Thank you very much for that. I never expected you to do send me out a replacement. This is the reason I like dealing with Australian companies who have the back up support. I understand you still have to source your supplies from overseas to compete. Long as you guys put your little Aussie twist on your product and can supply the service you do, I will be recommending you to my friends and clients. I am a believer of you get what you pay for.
B. May (Castle Hill, QLD)
Thanks for the email. Not too many businesses take the time to send their customers an email of appreciation for purchasing their goods. May I say you are on a winner as I cannot fault your product. No more running back to the hose or gurney as the hose used to continually pop off. I used to say you can't believe what you see on TV but your product delivers what you say.
Peter Harrison
I purchased a hose and attachments for my husband for Christmas. He has always complained about hoses and so l thought it would be a great gift if it lived up to expectations. I live in Brisbane and quite close to the Brisbane river. Our house was the last to flood in our street and the first to have the water recede. Thankfully the water did not make it into the main part of the house which missed out by half a metre. Downstairs was another story. My husband attached the hose and commenced the clean up as the water receded. We did not require a pressure hose/gurney; the Hoselink hose did the job. I am so glad that l purchased that Christmas gift!
We are as delighted now with your product as we were at first purchase. We shall definitely be making future purchases from you – in fact I am visiting WA family in May/June and will be taking your catalogue with me to sing praises to family and friends – especially our mother who has more trouble with hoses than anyone else in this world. (mind you, if you met mother you’d understand that it’s not difficult to confuse her) - Arthritis makes connecting and moving hoses difficult for her so we shall be seeing what can be done and what her garden requires to make her gardening life easier. We look forward to putting in an order later this year. Thank you again, it is such a nice change to receive such service from an Australian Company.
L & L Robinson
I could not do enough to recommend your products. I tell everyone I know about it. For years I put up with blowing hoses etc and even the most expensive brass fittings would not cut it. It’s funny how the small things can impress. After purchasing a trial hose connection set I purchased several more just to give to people I know to try. Great stuff, love it.
Wow, could I be any happier with your company? I placed my order Sunday, and not only did I receive it two days later I also got a hose upgrade! I've just put all the attachments together, turned it on and nearly cried when it didn't burst off the end! For months I have watered with no attachment, just my thumb over the end because I was so sick of the darn thing bursting off the end or having to sprint to turn it off at the wall before that end came off too. I saw your TV ad ages ago and kept thinking "When I have some spare money that’s the first thing I'm going to buy". I'm only sorry I didn't get it sooner. I'm saving up for the hose rewind next! I am a very happy customer.
K. Meyer ((Frankston South, VIC)
Wendy and I would like to thank you for your letter dated 14th February 2012 and the enclosed "outer casing screws" for our 25m Auto Rewind Reel. We just had to email you and thank you not only for the great product you have supplied but also the fantastic service you have now provided. We have not had any problem with the screws in our unit but we are delighted that you have listened to your customers and taken the action you have. We have never bought a product and received this sort of follow-up service (other than a recall on a motor vehicle). We compliment you and your company on the service you have provided and look forward to many more years of use with the reel. Thank you once again.
W. & C. Glover (Kingsley, WA)
I just wanted to congratulate you on your success and thank you. I watch your ad on Foxtel and I am so happy that an Australian family is doing so well. I get a smile on my face every time I see the ad. I wish you and your family and of course your staff all the very best. Take care and all the best.
I must compliment you on your product, it’s the best hose EVER, and I also have the Hoselink retractable hose. It makes my life SO MUCH EASIER, not being very strong, it was always a hassle to try and wind such a long hose up, but now just a simple pull and away it goes, also the never kink - really really true. Thanks again. A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER
In this fast paced world where there seems to be little time for anything, it was great to see such dedication to customer service and your product(s). I had the issue of the faulty fittings; the email to warn of this issue was concise and timely. I spoke with Sue, who was in my mind probably one of the best customer service staff I have ever had to deal with. If you have any incentive schemes for your staff I would like to nominate Sue for one. Thanks for your time and wonderful product.
T. Hendry (Kirrawee, NSW)
Thanks for your email, I’m a Happy Man, hosing is a simple thing in life and Hoselink make it a simple pleasure. No Leaks, No Kinks & No Problems. Cheers Tim.
I felt I must take the time to acknowledge your incredible follow up support. We have made a few purchases from your incredible group, each time your tracking info has been spot on direct and delivery is always precise. My whole family uses my account and are more than happy to give credit where it is so very much due. Thank you so much for a great product. Many thanks again! Satisfied customers
Chris & Brenda Evans
It is so rare these days to find a company that will stand by their product even when it is in warranty, but to find one that will stand by them even when it is out of warranty is even rarer. Other companies should take a page out of your book for service, communication, and understanding, be assured I will promote both your company and products whenever the occasion presents itself.
R. Schmidt (Blackheath, NSW)
I have today received my replacement Hoselink fittings. Thank you very much. Your commitment to customer service is outstanding and I wish the same could be said for many other companies. I have related my story to many of my friends and work colleagues, and they all agree that your attention to detail, your faith in the product, and your willingness to back up your claims is rare these days.
N. Cobb (Hillcrest, SA)
Congratulations on the design and marketing of such a fine range of quality products. I love your innovation and passion. Great products and website, but it's your customer service that I want to comment on now. Yesterday I rang and spoke with a lovely young lady who listened to my problem, went to the warehouse to find my product to better understand the problem I was experiencing, understood what the issue was, and promptly sent a replacement. Not only was she completely understanding about the time (5 minutes before knock-off) but was so friendly and professional at the same time. Well done and thank you, young lady. Congratulations, too, to your sons for the design of your website; it looks good, but best of all - it works. Keep up the good work, and try to avoid selling out to a company that lacks your vision and compassion.
We are writing to thank you so much for your excellent service. We just love the hoses, they are the best thing since sliced bread!
Julie & Stuart
I was very sceptical before I purchased your product, as I have tried numerous attachments from the most expensive to cheapish and despite the guarantee of not leaking etc they still did maybe not at first but certainly after a month or so. I have now had the starter pack and the spray nozzle for five months and have had no problems with it. I especially love the spray nozzle as I use it in my dog kennels. It’s a nice simple design, no hooks or handles to catch on mesh when feeding it through the runs. The other night I accidently left the tap on but had it turned off at the nozzle, to my surprise, not a drop had leaked out, if I had done that with any other brand I would have woken to a flooded kennel. Your product is very well priced but the best bit is they really do work. Thank you again and standing behind your product.
G. Mansfield (Taree, NSW)
I am extremely happy with the service you have provided, things do go wrong or break but it’s how they are corrected makes all the difference, so thank you once again for a helpful and extremely prompt service, I will definitely recommend Hoselink for sales and service.
I was the recipient of the Mother's Day prize of the retractable hose reel. It arrived last week, but I have been away for the week, so this is my first opportunity to say thank you. We set the reel up yesterday and it works beautifully. My wife loves the fact that the hose isn't all over the grass and is now neatly away. Thank you again for this wonderful product.
Gerry Carroll
I really must congratulate you on your customer service. I really am impressed, your procedures have obviously been well thought out and working well. It really is a credit to the organisation. We are also in the service industry (mining and rail) and I can tell you our systems are nowhere as good as yours, I am so impressed that we are going to try to implement a system and I intend to use my experience with your company as a bench mark for us. Again congratulation to all concerned.
Brent Jones
It is usually not a practice to thank a "thank you" but, thank you. This is one of the best products I have EVER bought. I have given all of our friends and family Hoselink fittings for birthday and Christmas presents. Now, in turn, they are giving them to their friends and family. I love supporting a great product and we will do so while anyone, even us, need these products. Keep up the great work and good on you. Keep going strong.
Firstly, let me just say how easy and stress free the whole Hoselink transaction was. I placed my order online; within 24 hours I had an online invoice and 'live' tracking number with the courier. One of the products I ordered wasn't due till 21/3/11 and the whole order arrived at my house by the 11/3/11. The products themselves are everything you make them out to be, and then some. Congratulations on a great product and a very well run operation.
Tony Roberts
Many thanks for your email. We are very happy with the Hoselink garden sprayer we purchased from you. It is ideal for our cottage garden and works extremely well. Fortunately there has been enough rain this summer for water restrictions to be eased, but we have three rainwater tanks in reserve for the drier weather which will no doubt come in future!
EP. Maywald (Queanbeyan, NSW)
I said when I purchased my Hoselink fittings twelve months ago that I would give feedback. Well twelve months is up and here is the feedback! I have had no problems what so ever with the fittings, none have leaked or failed at all and I have found them to be far more superior than the standard "click on" type. They are a similar in design to the steel fitting (Minsup fittings) commonly found in use on most mine sites around the country, although obviously these are a lighter duty for domestic use and they are easier to use. I wouldn't and haven't hesitated in recommending Hoselink fittings to others and would certainly purchase Hoselink fittings again if need be although I can't imagine why I would need to!
Just a quick note to say thank you. I really think your products are excellent and the way you look after customers could not be better. I have been recommending your products to everyone I know. You can be very proud of the way you conduct your business, a true blue Aussie company.
P. Gleeson
Thank you very much for your email. There are so many Hoselink products that I would love to have but unfortunately finances dictate my having to wait until my current items either wear out or become defunct before I can replace them. I am extremely satisfied with my Hoselink accessories. I can assure you that I will have no hesitation in contacting you when an opportunity arises and will continue recommending your company to any friends or contacts who may be interested. Wishing you continued success with Hoselink and with kind regards
Thank you so much for this email, it's great to hear that you guys are doing well. My husband loves using the hose fittings I got him & my mum has since bought some as well & she loves hers even more. Keep up the good work.
I have just recently purchased your hose fittings, we have a very high water pressure here and our hose fittings where constantly blowing off. We live in kelmscott,
J. & A. Behan (Kelmscott, WA)
Magic service – I will certainly recommend you guys – we were worried there’d be a hassle but you are tops in customer service!
Graham & Lisa
I have found dealing with you to be excellent from the first enquiry. I purchased two hoses and reels and one of the hand spray guns was leaking, I followed the suggestion to check the inside screw and when this didn't solve the problem it was immediately replaced. I should have conveyed my thanks at that time, but it just got overlooked! I work in the field of customer service so I am not easily impressed and often find service these days a bit lacking! You seem to be getting everything just right and I hope you are reaping the rewards for your time and effort! I appreciate it is no easy task to market a unique product from conception to market, so well done.
S. Oates (Redwood Park, SA)
Thank you for your email, what wonderful customer service. I can't congratulate you enough for bringing to the market, a truly wonderful gardening product that does everything you say it does in your ad. I have recommended Hoselink to all my family and friends, who have also been thrilled with the products they have received compared to similar and more expensive ones available. I look forward to seeing and buying any new products you will have in the future, and look forward to dealing with you again.
M. Hill (Jugiong, NSW)
About 10 years ago my wife and I built a new home which had three outdoor garden taps as we created a fairly extensive garden. I used Hoselink attachments (new on the market then) on the taps and have not taken them off since, except that one tap failed and I had to take Hoselink off to fit the new tap. The fittings have not leaked nor have the hoses ever pulled away from the fittings. Amazing when I think of all the problems of other plastic fittings that blow away from the equipment when under pressure. My very ordinary hose reels are wearing out and I will soon be looking at your retractable hose containers. Best wishes from a very satisfied customer.
T. Bartlett (Kiama Downs, NSW)
The hose has proved to be the best hose I have ever had and you are right it DOESNT LEAK! I’ve wasted so much money over the years on hoses and fittings. I mean who has time to wind up their hose out of the sun! That is why this is a great hose, one pull and the hose just magically winds up in its storage box. Anyone looking for THE HOSE that works buy this one - you won’t be sorry!
M. Nelson
Great product! To date I have only purchased fittings and have created 5 hoses of various lengths scattered around the house front and back near taps. I can join any of these quickly to reach any area easily. I have used existing hose lengths but I do intend to purchase hose from you when the budget permits. Congratulations on the design of the components as they are easy to assemble and most important do not leak.
E. Sutton (St Leonards, VIC)
I have been extremely happy with the Hoselink products that I have purchased. This is the first year that I have not got wet from the hose popping off. Your customer service representatives have always been very helpful when I have contacted them. It really felt like dealing with a family orientated business. I love your ads you come across as a trusted friend with a lovely daughter and that was why I wanted to try your products. I will continue to use and recommend your products. I also trust that your Australian family company continues to grow.
M. Stewart (Kambah, ACT)
All I can do at this stage pass on my thanks and praise to all the staff / management at the wonderful way I was treated when I raised a query some time back. All involved were efficient and my question answered quicker than I had expected. Old fashioned service with new age speed and efficiency costs nothing but gains everything. I am very pleased with the products that I purchased and have praised highly to others the service and quality of product.
R. Casey (Rosney Park, TAS)
Our water supply is from a tank so hose fittings blowing off can empty it if we are not alert! Great product that has given us "peace of mind", not to mention how simple it is for us to join as many hoses as we like with what you call "just point and twist".
G. Thomas (Wollongong, NSW)
Hoselink works brilliantly. I am very satisfied with the performance of the fittings. I also installed them at the Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre where they are used for a high pressure water jet cleaner as well.
P. Eishan (NSW)
I have been using your great Hoselink system for over 6 years. It is far superior to anything else available on the market. My wife has arthritis in her hands and she finds your products are very simple to use and require little effort, she loves them. I wish you all the best with your excellent product.
G. Underwood (QLD)
I have been using your Hoselink equipment for connecting our motorhome to the water supply, and found it excellent.
B. Waddy (Earlwood, NSW)
This is by far the best hose fitting I have ever seen and I am really glad that I can still buy them from your website. They are so reliable and never come off the hose. I am pleased to recommend such a great Australian product to anyone. All the other hose fittings have gone in the bin.
Trevor M. (Evans Head, NSW)
I first purchased and tried Hoselink products to replace the old type leaky "click-on" fittings on a hose while living in an apartment and needing really to only wash a car. But I was very impressed and always recommended your products to others. This year however I moved into my parents’ family home and now have a HUGE garden to enjoy and look after and why I once again looked for your products.
David (VIC)
Many thanks for the two tap connectors (2320), all is good. We would like to say how impressed we are with your product and more so with the way you run your business. Maybe a supplementary business venture for you would be to offer courses to other small businesses on how to run a business, good on you, we will continue to recommend you.
R. Cassell