Compatibility Guide: Hoses

Discusses Hoselink Compatibility with different hose types.

Standard Garden Hoses - 12mm (½”)

Hoselink fittings are compatible with all standard Australian taps (¾” & 1”) and standard size garden hoses (12mm or ½” internal diameter).  Look for the green and yellow fittings - click here

You can either fit Hoselink fittings onto your existing hose or upgrade to one of our high quality Garden Hoses.

Commercial Hoses - 18mm (¾”)

Hoselink is now also available to fit 18mm internal diameter hoses.  Just look for the red and black fittings - click here

Buying Guide

  • For 1 tap and 1 hose you’ll need 1 x Starter Kit
  • For 2 taps and 2 hoses you’ll need 2 x Starter Kits
  • For 2 taps and 1 hose you’ll need 1 x Starter Kit and 1 x Tap Connector
  • For 1 tap and 2 hoses (and you want to join the 2 hoses together) you’ll need 1 x Starter Kit and 1 x Hose Joiner Set

Need help?

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to call (1300 900 617) or email us at and one of our friendly customer care team will be more than happy to help.

Hoselink Tap connector with reducer removed The Hoselink Universal Tap Connector comes with a reducer installed which can be removed to increase the tap thread size from ¾” to 1” BSP - the two most common tap sizes found in Australia.
Standard Garden Hose Internal Diameter Hose sizes are typically measured by their internal diameter (ID). Standard Australian garden hoses like the one shown above, have an internal diameter of 12mm.