Compatibility Guide: Caravans

Discusses using Hoselink on caravans.


Hoselink fittings are compatible with many different makes and models of caravans.


There are many benefits to using Hoselink fittings with your caravan:

  • Peace of mind that you have a reliable, watertight, burst-proof connection from tap to caravan
  • Interchangeable components so you can easily connect your hose to the tap, watering accessory, or another hose
  • Simple and easy to use ‘point and twist’ connection
  • Hoselink fitting components are available to buy individually or in a Kit so you can get exactly what you need
  • The fittings are compatible with any size tap and all standard size 12mm garden hoses (½”)

What To Do

To connect your Hoselink fitted hose to your caravan you will need to check what type of thread your caravan has at its water inlet point.

To do this, first locate the water inlet point on your caravan. Once you’ve found it, check what type of thread it has.  Please note some caravans use a BSP thread (typically used in Australia), while others use an NPT thread (US size thread).  Refer to the caravan manufacturer for further information regarding your van.

What to Buy

If your caravan has a: You will need: If you already have Hoselink fittings: If you don’t have any Hoselink fittings:
Female thread (internal thread) Accessory Connector Purchase 1 x Accessory Connector Purchase 1 x Starter Kit
Male thread (external thread) Tap Connector Purchase 1 x Tap Connector Purchase 1 x Starter Kit and 1 x Tap Connector
US Female Thread (US internal thread, check with your caravan manufacturer) US Thread Caravan Connector Purchase 1 x US Thread Caravan Connector Purchase 1 x Starter Kit and 1 x US Thread Caravan Connector
Moulded in click-on fitting that you can’t unscrew Click-On Adapter* Purchase 1 x Click-On Adapter Purchase 1 x Starter Kit and 1 x Click-On Adapter

* As the Click-On Adapter is not Hoselink designed it is not covered by our no-burst guarantee.

Other Products

For a safe and secure supply of drinking water to your caravan, purchase a 10m Drinking Water Hose or 20m Drinking Water Hose.  Or for the easiest way to connect your van, take a look at our specially designed Drinking Water Hose Reel 15m + 5m leader hose.

The Hoselink Drinking Water Hose has been specially engineered with a high quality inner core to impart no plastic taste, smell or toxins.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to call (1300 900 617) or email us at and one of our friendly customer care team will be more than happy to help.

Water inlet for caravan and winnebagoes.First determine what type of thread your caravan presents with.  This example shows a female thread.  It will require a Hoselink Tap Connector (with a male thread) for connection.

Hoselink connected to caravan water inlet.The resulting connection is watertight and guaranteed to never burst off.