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“Very happy with all of my purchases from Hoselink. Very professional and friendly service. Best hoses and connections I've had. I've had 2 hoses and fittings for over 5 years now and couldn't be happier with the quality.”
Tanya Oakley Facebook Tanya Oakley Profile Picture

Hose Reels

10Hose Reel Styles
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350k+Hose Reels Sold

What Our Customers Say

“I knew these hose reels were good however you never truly know until you own one, how good they actually are. So sturdy and make watering my garden so easy. Couldn't be happier. Worth every bit that I paid. Not worth getting cheaper knockoffs or similar hose systems, you'll just end up having to take them back and end up with a hoselink anyway.”

Sammy Angemi 13/7/17

“This is a great product. Very easy to install and looks great. Efficient and is easy to use. The retraction feature is especially good and keeps everything tidy with no hoses just lying around. The ordering and delivery process was very easy and the product arrived quickly. This product makes it so much easier to water around our home.”

Lynn LL 1/3/17

“So easy to use. Top quality product. No longer do I have to battle a kinking multijoined hose, with leaky fittings. Love the strong retraction feature. Also love the water selection features. I'm very happy with my Hoselinks. And, as my husband says, "A happy wife is a happy life!!" ”

Wendall - Product Review 3/3/17

“I purchased the Hose Reel for my husband's birthday present. I had seen quite a few Hoselinks in the community and i just thought it was a fad. But I decided to purchase one and see what the fuss was about. As soon as we installed the hose, and we used it for the first time, I instantly knew what the fuss was about! A hose that's so easy to reel out and in, the quality of the fittings are outstanding. Makes watering so easy that I am now happy to go out and do the evening watering.”

Carly Glen - Trust Pilot 8/8/17

“I bought a cheaper version online and within 3 months it was gushing with water. I then purchased a hoselink 30 metre retractable hose. OMG I am in heaven with the hoselink hose reel! The difference is amazing. No feet or hands and sleeves getting wet. It is really worth paying the difference to get the best.”

Clasina Shipsey - Trust Pilot 5/8/17

“Hoselink has made my life much easier. No longer does my husband leave the hose uncurled right where he left it for someone to trip over, it now retracts beautifully every time into its 'home'! The fittings don't leak and it's far and away the best hose I have ever had.”

Rhonda Searle - Facebook 2/8/17

“Bought one for the son that proved an absolute boon for his little garden, so bought a bigger one for us. Don't know why we waited so long for this product! No more hoses to trip over, and no more split hoses caused by frosts. We just love our new hose link. Best thing we have bought in a long while!”

Heather - Word of Mouth 2/6/17

“I have put up with the cheap stuff long enough. I bought this as a present to myself. This is just the best system ever, Every time I water I wonder how I got by without this.”

Carl Ratten 13/1/17
Honestly, nothing beats it. Nothing comes close to the quality of Hoselink connections.
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Starter Kits

8Starter Kit Styles
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450k+Starter Kits Sold

What Our Customers Say

“I recently purchased the Ned Kelly Starter Kit and am more than satisfied with the package. It was so easy to connect, and the variety of sprays available on the head, plus the trigger nozzle make for happy gardening!”

Kim McMillan 16/7/17

“Best thing we ever did. Watched ads for years and one day got so annoyed with being blasted with water in my face from broken hose fittings, I bit the bullet and bought one. Love love love. Had for 2 years now and still going strong.”

Liza Venker - Facebook 26/6/17

“Seriously, do NOT waste your money buying the standard hose fittings from bunnings only to have to replace them many times throughout your life... go straight to the best - Hoselink. We have thrown away all our old fittings and replaced with new hoselink and the system is soooo easy and doesn't leak!!”

Mel Pavic - Facebook 5/2/17

“Not being a cheap item I was hesitate about buying this product but finally took the plunge when I realized how many different hoses and fittings I'd been through. This product has exceeded my expectations. I have not seen a single drip off any connection. The spray gun is so good I keep forgetting to turn the tap off when I am finished. Well done.”

Keith Upton - Facebook 11/2/17

“Hoselink fittings are so unique and sensible, they are easy to use and very well made. They are a great company to do business with.”

Rodney - Word of Mouth 27/6/17

“What a wonderful product! I am very conscience of water wastage and conserving every drop in our climate, buying the Water Wise Starter Kit was a fantastic purchase. The spray nozzle has many options for water spray choice and has the special hand trigger that will cut water off if released. No more excess water on tiles or driveway. Very smart product, very clever marketing and easy to install.”

Elizabeth Barber 24/7/17

“Really happy with my Hoselink connectors and sprayers. Very easy to set up and use. Best of all - no drips!”

Hopalong - Product Review 1/7/17

“The reason that we purchased the Hoselink products was that we were fed up with conventional fittings failing. It was most annoying hosing around the pool and at the furthest point from the tap the connection would fail and water sprayed everywhere. It is a pleasure using my new connectors, no drama, just does what is supposed to.”

Bob Norman 19/7/17

A few of our favourite reviews

“The website made it easy for me to choose the product suitable for us, the ordering process and payment was easy and the product delivered within a week. Fantastic service and product, thank you!”
Jayne Hunt Trust Pilot Jayne Hunt Profile Picture
“Excellent customer service, a warranty that the company stands by, which is so rare these days, and quality all the way.”
KirstenTerry Carlton Facebook
“Hose fittings & other watering accessories are a class above what you'd pick up at your local hardware branch. Prompt home delivery & great customer service complete a very classy package.”
Peter Pedro Facebook
“Purchasing a Hoselink wall mounted hose from Hoselink was effortless from placing the order, making the payment, delivery and installation all without leaving home. Great Service & Great Products.”
Judy Product Review Judy Profile Picture
“A product enquiry was answered promptly; an order was made and delivered in perfect condition within two days (metro area) - well within the timeframe indicated on the website.”
Facility Manager Product Review Facility Manager Profile Picture
“We are first timers to hoselink and my goodness it has really impressed us! Our 7 function spray nozzle is just fantastic. It is really well made and is a pleasure to use. Highly recommended.”
Bin Product Review Bin Profile Picture
“I only wish that I should have purchased this hose and fittings long ago and I can only recommend to anyone looking for a fantastic hose to buy one of these.”
Eli Waters Product Review Eli Waters Profile Picture
“Should have bought this ages ago. Makes watering your garden super easy without the worry of getting wet yourself.”
Jeffrey Santos
“Everything works so well, the best hose products I have ever used. Outstanding service.”
Neale Broom
“I was sick of getting saturated when my hose attachment kept bursting off - now I can safely hose the garden knowing that I will stay dry. I am glad that I finally got round to buying Hoselink - the quality is there and it is well worth the price.”
Sondra Nicol