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50 bulbs! Perfect to light up your whole outdoor area

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Product Info

Made up of a starter and extension set this product provides a complete set of 50 bulbs!

Please note this set of lights is not compatible with the other party bulbs available on the website due to them having a slightly lower lumen count.

Transform your outdoor space with Hoselink's Warm White Solar Party Bulb String Lights! These gorgeous lights are perfect for creating a pretty effect for parties, Christmas, or to liven up your outdoor entertaining area. These high quality lights feature warm white glass bulbs for maximum effect.  

To assemble the set remove the stop cap on the starter set and screw the extension into place.

Lighting Modes

To change between the four lighting modes, simply press the mode button on the back of the solar panel. Lighting modes shown below;
① Constant light
② Slow flash
③ Quick flash
④ Pulsating light

This product runs on a parallel circuit, meaning if one globe is blown the remainder will still function correctly. Two spare bulbs are supplied with each starter set. If one of the bulbs turns off suddenly, please ensure the bulb is tightly secured because if the connection is loose the light will not work.

Once the light switch is turned on at the back of the solar panel, the lights will automatically come on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Charging with the Solar Panel

With a powerful integrated 3.7V 2200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, you’ll never need to worry about it running out of juice!

Either mount the solar panel using the included screws or use the spike to place anywhere in your garden.

The solar panel can be charged separate to the position of the string lights, meaning you can mount the string lights wherever you like (whether sunny or not - even indoors) then position the panel to capture the sun during the day and re-attach in the evening to power the lights.

For consecutive rainy days or in winter, you can charge the solar panel separately using the micro USB port on the back of the solar panel. When charging you will see a red light, when the light is fully charged it will turn green.

To check whether the panel has charged during daylight hours, simply cover the solar panel to see whether the lights come on.

Solar lights are not only a viable alternative to conventional outdoor wired lights, particularly where installing electrical lighting is prohibitive, but they’re also eco-friendly, low in cost and highly energy-efficient thanks to their LED bulbs and energy-saving power source.  

With so many to select from, we’ve helped take the work out of choosing. Read more on our Solar Lights buying guide blog here. 

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Product Specifications


ABS + Glass

Solar panel size
W210mm x D130mm
Solar panel
5V / 3W
Light colour
Warm white
LED lumens
Light temperature (kelvins)
Battery capacity
2200mAh / 3.7V
Battery replaceable
Waterproof rating
Operating time
8 - 12 hours (depending on light mode)
Charging time
8 hours
Number of lights
50 + 2 spares
Cable length
8 metres + 8 metre extension
Length between lights
Cable length from panel to first light
Bulb size

What's Included

  • Warm White Solar Party Bulb String Lights - Starter Set (x1)
  • Warm White Solar Party Bulb String Lights - 25 Bulb Extension (x1)


Model name
Warm White Solar Party Bulb String Lights - Starter and Extension Bundle
Model number
Black and clear
UV Resistant
Assembly required
12 months


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