Organic Soil Wetter Concentrate - 6 Pack

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Contains 6 x Organic Soil Wetter Concentrate = a total of 3 litres!

Hoselink's Organic Soil Wetter Concentrate improves water penetration in the soil by reducing the surface tension of the water, so it is more easily absorbed. In other words, it helps the soil to retain moisture, reducing the need to water as frequently.

This unique formula cuts watering by up to 50%, which enables plants to better cope with drought stress and transplant shock.

Soil Wetter can be applied to both indoor and outdoor pot plants and garden beds. This product is ideal to help you save water by reducing the frequency in which you need to soak your plants.

Over time, soil becomes old and starts to lose nutrients, particularly in potted plants. When this begins to happen the soil can start to repel water. Soil wetter reverses this effect and helps prevent hydrophobic soil.

Use for seedlings, lawns, pot plants, vegetable patches and hanging baskets. Perfect for when you are due to go on holiday!

Directions for Use

Watering Can:

  1. Fill watering can with water
  2. Mix required amount of soil wetter into solution
  3. Apply evenly over selected area

Hoselink NEW Fertiliser Spray Mixer:

Dilution rates; 500ml of Soil Wetter covers 200m².

  1. Flow reducer required - unscrew bottle and remove siphon tube. Unscrew brass pin from above dial and push into top of siphon tube. Reassemble
  2. Shake well the pour concentrate into Hoselink’s Fertiliser Spray Mixer.
  3. Select dial (refer to dilution table below) and apply evenly to selected area.

Rate per 9Lt
watering can
Hoselink Spray
Mixer Setting
Seedling, new turf
and established lawn
Dial 1 with flow reducer
Diluted 50/50 with water
Every 1-2 months
OR as required
Pot plants, garden beds,
vegetable patch
and hanging baskets
Dial 1 with flow reducer
No diluting
Every 1-2 months
OR as required

Expert Tip: Rinse off any residual product from plant foliage as Hoselink's Organic Soil Wetter Concentrate only works within the soil.

Soil Wetter lasts for approximately 12 weeks in the soil, though please note this product does not replace the need to water, it simply reduces the frequency required.

Suitable for use with Hoselink's Fertilisers and Seaweed Tonic simultaneously.

Proudly made in Australia.

100% biodegradable.

For more on how to use Soil Wetter, read our handy guide on the Backyard Living blog here.

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Product Specifications

Active Ingredients:

280g/L Organic Humectants
110g/L Organic Surfactants
Seaweed extract
Fulvic acid
Amino acids

Safety Data Sheet


What's Included

  • 6 x Organic Soil Wetter Concentrate


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