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Add colour & style to your indoor plants

item: 6601-20

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Add colour and flair to your indoor plants with Hoselink's stylish new Sage Fabric Plant Pouches designed to slip easily over your existing pots.

Available in two sizes: small and large, these reversible hessian and fabric plant pouches are suitable for most indoor pot sizes. 

If your pot is a little taller or shorter than the Plant Pouch, the collar can be folded up or down to suit. 

The pouches are fully reversible, allowing you to flip between the rustic hessian layer and stylish coloured fabric. 

The pouch features a rigid laminated layer between the hessian and fabric that ensures the pouch will always hold its shape and never sag. This also provides a thin water-resistant barrier to ensure your pot doesn't get soaked through if you accidentally overwater. 

Sizes available:

  • Small: 20cm diameter base x 21cm high
  • Large: 25cm diameter base x 27cm high

Made from linen and laminated burlap.

12-month warranty.

More colours are available: Mocha and Sand.

Plant Pouches are designed for indoor use only. When watering your plants make sure not to overwater. To protect the Plant Pouch we recommend removing the plant pot to water. If watering under a tap, always remove the Plant Pouch so that the pot can drain sufficiently.


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Product Specifications



Laminated Burlap


20cm x 21cm

25cm x 27cm


What's Included

1 x Indoor Plant Pouch - Sage


Model Name

Indoor Fabric Plant Pouch - Sage

Model Number
6601-20, 6601-25
12 months 

Q. Can I plant directly in the Pouch?
A. No, the Plant Pouch is designed to fit around a pot.

Q. Can I wash the Plant Pouch
A. Yes, it can be hand washed in cold water. 

Q. Should I remove the Plant Pouch to water my plant?
A. We do recommend removing the Plant Pouch to water in order to protect the fabric and avoid any damp smell. It is essential to remove the Plant Pouch if you intend to give your plant a soak under the kitchen tap. Allow the plant to drain well before returning it to the Pouch.


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