Hoselink in the Community

Requests for Donations / Prizes

Grace Community Garden


Hoselink hose reel installed at
Crace Community Gardens in Canberra, NSW

We are always happy to receive requests for product or vouchers to assist with your fundraising event.

Each request will be individually considered and assessed and we hope to be able to assist in some way but this may not always be possible. 

Please send requests by email to Hoselink@hoselink.com.au. The request should be on letterhead and include as much information as possible regarding the fund raising event.


“Hoselink Gives Back” Program for Schools and Community Groups

We are often approached by community groups, such as schools, pre-schools, community gardens and shelters, looking for assistance to acquire a Hoselink product for use in their garden area.
For a variety of reasons, we sometimes have a supply of ex-demo or returned products that have been checked and are in good working condition.

As they become available, Hoselink is happy to offer a garden hose or Retractable Hose Reel to community groups that join our register of interest.


  • Only requests from bona-fide community organisations or groups are eligible to apply.
  • A $15 postage fee will be charged per large item sent to cover delivery costs.
  • If preferred, items can be picked up from our warehouse in Brookvale (no postage fee would apply).
  • Products supplied through this program are NOT covered by warranty.  Should the product or any component of it break or stop working, you would need to re-apply through the program again in order to receive a replacement.
  • As these are returned or ex-demo products, they are not suitable as gifts or prizes.  They are supplied on the basis that they will be used by members of the group to assist with watering a communal area.

How to Apply

To join the register of interest, please send all requests to apply for community support to hello@hoselink.com.au. Please mention your organisation type, physical address, contact name, contact phone number and any other relevant information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Unfortunately, we are unable to give any indication of when items will become available.  Once you are on the register, Hoselink will make contact as and when suitable products become available.