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Frequently Asked Questions about On Sale

The products on this page are either on a promotional offer for a limited time or are a discontinued item that will no longer be sold once stock has run out.

No, just a select few. All discontinued products have ‘Discontinued Line’ in the description.

Item 5537 is an older line that has since been reimagined and improved on (item 5538) to complement our brand new range of Australian-made Fertilisers. Item 5538 is designed to connect to your Hoselink-fitted hose to conveniently dispense fertiliser on to your lawn or garden, with a handy guide printed on the bottle to assist you in correctly diluting your chosen fertiliser or tonic, a built-in flow reducer and selector dial for accuracy. Item 5537 does not have this printed guide and has a mixer control lever rather than a numbered dial. Both dispense fertiliser as you water.

We have decided to discontinue the Blue Secateurs to make way for an exciting new colour! The Pink Secateurs are here to stay, so are not currently discounted.

The Extendable Pole Pruner can be used to cut thick branches with the saw attachment and smaller branches with the lopper attachment.

The telescopic pole can be lengthened from 98cm to 157cm to give you further reach, ideal for cutting and maintaining trees.

Allowing you to cut high branches without the need for a ladder, the Hoselink Extendable Pole Pruner includes both a lopper and saw attachment for effectively cutting thick and thin branches with ease. If using the lopper attachment, simply pull the nylon cord to activate the blade using the efficient four pull gearing system. The telescopic pole can be lengthened to reach high places when required.

The Kids Gardening Set is made from high-quality, almost unbreakable plastic, making it safe to play with, easy to clean and void of sharp edges.

The Kids Gardening Set comes with a plastic bucket, one 2-pronged fork, two 3-pronged forks, two spades, one narrow trowel and one scoop. This set is ideal for fun in the garden, in the water or at the beach.

The Premium Ned Kelly Starter Kit and the Water Wise Starter Kit are both excellent, high-quality starter kits with only a marginal difference in price. The only small difference between them is that the Water Wise Starter Kit includes our best-selling Hose Connector with Flow Control whilst the Premium Ned Kelly includes only the standard Hose End Connectors. The Hose Connector with Flow Control allows you to switch off the water from the end of the hose, saving you a trip to the tap each time you want to change watering accessory! Both kits contain all the fittings you need to convert one standard 12mm garden hose to the reliable Hoselink no-burst, no-leak ecosystem.

The Outback Starter Kit is our most basic starter kit with nozzle. Including a Universal Tap Connector, Accessory Connector and two Hose End Connectors required to fit out one garden hose completely, the Starter Kit also features a Basic Spray Nozzle emitting a water flow ranging from a light mist through to a hard jet spray. This kit is a great option to get you started!