Hose Organisers

Hose Organisers

  • Simple solutions
  • Makes watering easier
  • Ease your garden hose around corners

Frequently Asked Questions about Hose Organisers

A hose guide is helpful in making sure that your hose is not exposed to undue friction against a wall, garden edging and other obstacles in your backyard that get in the way of the hose being pulled smoothly from place to place. Constant friction against the hose can result in accelerated deterioration so utilising a hose guide to help your hose slide smoothly during use will ensure the hose lasts longer. Hoselink stocks both Ground Hose Guides (spike into the ground) and corner or flat wall-mounted Hose Guides.

No they are not. The Hose Carts and Metal Hose Reel Boxes have a manual retraction mechanism, meaning you use a handle on the side of the reel to wind it up after use. This is different to our Retractable Hose Reels which operate via a spring-loaded hose that winds itself back up, similar to a vacuum cleaner cord mechanism.

We have 3 options available for storing your existing garden hose. All of these options require manual winding of the hose after use. It is not possible to fit a hose into one of our retractable style hose reels.

Hose Hanger
This option is the cheapest but requires the most manual handling of the hose to wind it into loops over the hose holder after use.

Hose Reel Cart
A hose reel cart is a portable solution, allowing you to move the cart where needed and is a great option for very large gardens and renters. These products are available without a hose so you can make use of your own. It does include a set of no-burst Hoselink connectors you can also fit onto the hose.

Stationery Hose Reel Box 
This product is available for purchase without a hose so you can fit it with your own. It does include a set of no-burst Hoselink connectors & spray gun you can also fit onto the hose.

The Handy Shelves are designed as a holder for various watering accessories, including spray guns, sprinklers and other connectors. They are not strong enough or designed for holding a hose. If you are looking for a wall-mounted hose holder that also has storage space, the Handy Hose Hanger is a better option.

All of our manual hose reels come with a set of no-burst Hoselink fittings (including the Universal Tap Connector and Accessory Connector with Swivel), Premium 7-Function Spray Gun plus a 2m leader hose. The next decision is whether you want to install a hose you already own into the reel, or whether you would like to include one of our high quality 30m Superflex hoses when you purchase the reel.

All our manual hose reels come with instructions on how to assemble the unit and how to fit your own hose to the reel. These instructions are very easy to follow therefore you should not find it difficult to install your own hose onto the Metal Hose Reel Box or the Manual Hose Reel Cart.

The Hose Guide protects the hose from scraping against the wall or getting caught and has been designed for the stopper ball on a retractable hose reel to fit through. You will need to detach the spray gun to pass the hose through the guide.

All Hoselink Hose Hangers are high quality and have been designed to take the full weight of a long garden hose. The main difference is in the aesthetics and functionality. The Stainless Steel Hose Hanger is a simple design suitable for modern homes whilst the flourishes of the Decorative Hose Hanger will complement older homes. For functionality you can’t go past the Handy Hose Hanger that stores both a garden hose over the back and features a storage shelf to keep small watering accessories close at hand.