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Commercial & Rural Hose Users

Typically used in commercial and rural settings, 18mm hoses deliver more water than their domestic 12mm cousin, due to the larger internal diameter.  This is crucial where water pressure is low or where a high volume of water is required quickly.

No-Burst Guarantee

Built tough for Australian conditions, we've leveraged our patented technology to create a larger size fitting that is guaranteed to never burst off your hose.  The design utilises a white split ring and internal barb to clamp the hose to the fitting, making the connection even stronger than the hose itself.  The bayonet-style coupling between fittings features an O ring to O ring seal, creating a watertight bond that is easy to connect and disconnect.


Hoselink fits any Australian tap and 18mm size garden hose (18mm or 3/4").  Hoselink hose fittings are compatible with other brands of watering accessories, irrigation systems and pressure cleaners.  Simply screw directly into the accessory or use our Click-on Adapter.