Hoses & Bundles

Hoses & Bundles

Frequently Asked Questions about Hoses & Bundles

The Starter Kit combined with a hose is everything you need to reliably water your garden. The kit itself includes Hose End Connectors for either end of the hose, a Universal Tap Connector for the tap, an Accessory Connector with Swivel that connects between the hose end and sprayer and the Comfort 8-Pattern Spray Gun, which is a lightweight, durable multi-function spray nozzle. When you purchase a hose and starter kit set, all of these components are included with the high performance hose. You’ll find the Hose End Connectors are already pre-fitted on the hose, so all you need to do is connect the remaining components and you’re ready to start watering the Hoselink way.

We know hoses and creating a 100% kink-proof hose that is reliable and performs well is almost impossible so don’t be fooled by sneaky marketing tactics! From our research, we believe the best garden hoses (excluding those with special functions such as in hose reels or for drinking water, etc) feature a thick wall mad from high grade material. This resists torsion that twists the hose and prevents the wall from collapsing into a kink.

A hose hanger is a simple and effective way to store your garden hose on a wall, fence or post. It is a holder that is affixed to the wall with screws (and plugs if masonry) that you wind the hose around after use. By creating large loops over the hose hanger, this ensures the hose is ready for its next use and remains easy to use by preventing twists in the hose. Hoselink has a range of hose holders to suit most homes. Check out the Handy Hose Hanger with its storage shelf, useful for stowing spare connectors, o’rings and adapters, making it easy to access those small items you frequently use whilst gardening.

The Superflex Hose is available in 20m and 30m length options. For a longer hose, simply join another Hoselink-fitted hose.

With Hoselink this is easy! All Hoselink hoses are pre-fitted with our Hose End Connectors that can be connected to any other Hoselink connector. This means you simply point and twist the hose ends together to create a 100% watertight connection between hoses. No separate hose joiner is needed.

The hose comes with the Hose End Connectors pre-fitted onto the ends of the hose. The only assembly required will be fitting the Universal Tap Connector to your tap, fitting the Tap Connector to your Hose End Connector with the simple one quarter turn, and doing the same at the other end of your hose with your Accessory Connector. This will see you set up for watering your garden.