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Frequently Asked Questions about Complete Range

Yes! We have designed an adapter that connects a 'click-on' attachment to the Hoselink system. However, our recommendation is to remove the 'click-on' attachment from your existing accessories if possible, and use our Hoselink connectors to ensure a guaranteed no-burst connection. If removal is not possible then the 'Click-on Adapter' is a satisfactory alternative, but we do not have the same no-burst guarantee on this product.

Yes! Our sprayers are compatible with any ordinary fittings but you will need to screw a male click-on adapter piece into the base of your chosen sprayer. We do not sell this piece but it is readily available to buy from most hardware stores. This will allow you to click your existing hose on to your Hoselink spray nozzle.

The Click-on Adapter is for linking Hoselink's unique connectors to any other brand's male 'click-on' fitting.

The standard Hose Reels are made with a 12mm garden hose. The Hi-Flow Reels are made with a slightly larger 14mm garden hose. All auto-rewind hose reels reduce water pressure due to their coiled design. With the larger diameter hose in the Hi-Flow model, we've calculated up to 25% better water flow than our standard models. This makes for easier and quicker watering. For people who experience low water pressure, they should definitely choose the Hi-Flow model over a standard model to minimise loss of pressure.

We sell four different lengths of hose in our Retractable Hose Reels: 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m. The Hi-Flow Reel comes in 25m length only.

The Ned Kelly Starter Kit and the Water Wise Starter Kit have very similar fittings but the Water Wise Starter kit comes with a Hose Connector with Flow Control, whilst the Ned Kelly Starter Kit comes with a standard Hose End Connector. The Hose Connector with Flow Control can be used to shut off the flow of water completely, or part way, from the spray end instead of walking all the way back to the tap. This can be especially useful in switching over fittings (for instance switching from a spray gun to a sprinkler). Both kits include a Premium 7-Function Spray Gun, Accessory Connector with Swivel, Hose End Connector and Universal Tap Connector.

In order to attach your hose to a Hoselink hose, you will need the Hoselink fittings. The Hose Joiner Set allows you to fit your two lengths of 12mm garden hose together. You may also purchase one of our Starter Kits, which will fully fit your hose from the tap to spray end. These kits include a Tap Connector, Accessory Connector and a Spray Nozzle in addition to the two Hose End Connectors required for joining hoses.

The Flow Controller sits on the hose itself, just like the Standard Hose End Connector fitting, but what makes the Flow Controller unique is that it can be used to shut off the flow of water completely from the spray end, instead of having to switch it off at the tap. This can be particularly useful when changing over fittings (for instance switching over from a spray gun to a sprinkler). The Flow controller can also be switched halfway to limit the flow of water if you need a more controlled volume.

Both Accessory Connectors are used to link to any watering accessory including Spray Guns, Sprinklers and Spray Wands. The difference is that the Swivel Connector has a rotating head so that as you move around the yard, the rotating head will pivot instead of moving the whole hose. This is good for preventing kinks and minimising strain from hauling your hose constantly.

The Universal Tap Connector can fit 25mm (1”) and 20mm (¾”) taps.

This set of fittings will allow you to convert to a variety of different connections on other watering equipment you may already have.

The 9-Pattern Sprinkler sprays up to 6m.

The Oscillating Sprinkler sprays approximately 15m x 12m.

The 9 different settings are soaker, rounded square, square, gentle jets, classic round, arc, half moon, narrow band and wide band. These settings allow for watering lawns as well as garden beds and oddly-shaped areas.

The green fittings are 12mm fittings which are used on residential garden hoses. The red fittings are 18mm fittings used for commerical and rural hoses.

The Blaster is a great little spray nozzle for high-pressure hosing. Use the Blaster to reach windows, behind heavy shrubbery and other out-of-the-way places as well as for cleaning cars, patios and pavers. Featuring a flow control lever, you can control the water pressure at your fingertips to suit your watering needs.

Both our 2-Way Tap Adapters perform a similar function in dividing your garden tap into two fittings, allowing you more scope to plan out your garden. It is worth pointing out that the Easy Turn 2-Way Tap Adapter has 3/4 inch (20mm) tap outlets, whilst the 2-Way Brass Tap Adapter has 1 inch (25mm) tap outlets. Both are similar in quality, however, the Brass Tap Adapter is more durable thanks to its brass construction. The Easy Turn 2-Way Tap Adapter is made from plastic, nylon and rubber. Please note that the Brass Tap Adapter can still be vulnerable to frost damage, so if you are situated in an area prone to frost you may want to keep this tap adapter inside when not in use, or consider the Easy Turn 2-Way Tap Adapter instead. In addition, the Easy Turn 2-Way Tap Adapter has large, easy-to-use levers, making it the preferred choice for those with arthritic hands.

A Soaker Hose is made from plastic and features holes at intervals throughout its length. These emit a fountain-like spray outwards, similar to a sprinkler. A Weeper Hose, made of nylon, slowly seeps water out from inside the fabric in a slow drip-like motion. Weeper Hoses can be buried underneath a thin layer of mulch which helps to ensure no water is wasted through evaporation.