Growing Your Own Giant

In the office today we were reminiscing about the great plants we grew in school. How much we loved to watch something that starts at the size of a finger nail grow into something as tall as a giant and as bright as the sun.

Sunflowers are an easy fun flower to grow, especially for kids. They can grow huge with the tallest sunflower on record achieving 8.23 m (27 ft). They can vary in colour, not only are they yellow they can be orange and even red.
The best time to plant the seeds in temperate Australian regions, is anywhere between August to January.
  • Sow the seeds where you want the plants to grow in double the depth of the seed.  
  • Space plants: 20 - 30 cm apart
  • They like to be a sunny position with well-drained soil.
  • Water the seeds regularly
You can usually harvest the seeds in around 10-11 weeks. Once you harvest them, there are lots of uses for the seeds, they can be eaten or turned into sunflower oil. When I was a child my mum would cut the whole flower off and dry it. Once it was dry she would then hang it out in the garden as a bird feeder.

Happy Growing!