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What's Inside

The Hoselink catalogue features our full product suite, including our reliable no leak garden hose connectors, popular Retractable Hose Reels, a large range of watering sprinklers, weeper hoses, soaker hoses, hose holders, no kink garden hoses, hand sprayers and spray wands, tap connectors, watering tap timers, irrigation and misting kits, garden hand tools and accessories, auto filling pet water bowls, solar garden lights and more.

Our range of high quality products are sure to make life around your home easier and more enjoyable.  Whether you need to clean the car, wash the house, water the garden, spray the plants, dig, plant or illuminate your outdoor spaces, Hoselink has it all!

Hoselink is home to Australia's trusted no-burst hose connectors that are guaranteed to never burst off your hose!  The family-run business started with our patented hose fittings and has since expanded into other ranges but still with the same focus on quality products that are practical and functionable.  Our products are designed to complement your home and surrounds, and to bring you joy every time you use them.


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Q. Will I get a catalogue with my order?
A. Yes, we include a copy of our latest catalogue in every order we send out.

Q. How often is the catalogue updated?
A. We typically release a Spring and Autumn catalogue and sometimes more frequently if required.

Q. Are the prices in the catalogue the same as on the website?
A. Yes, the prices are exactly the same. 

Q. Where can I buy Hoselink products?
A. Hoselink products can only be purchased directly from us and to make it easy, we deliver Australia-wide with free delivery on orders over $30.  You won't find Hoselink products in stores such as Bunnings, Mitre-10 or other retailers.  This allows us to bring you high quality products at a reasonable price without additional retailer mark-ups.


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Hoselink Catalogue has a rating of 5/5 based on 336 reviews.


By: on 7 January 2019
After receiving a hose link retractable hose a few years ago as s gift I have been keen to get another on. I was so sick of hose dramas with other brands. I have never had any dramas with the initial hoselink gift and purchased another for myself as a Xmas :birthday gift recently. I just need one more !


By: on 2 January 2019
Very good product I spent a few hundred.dollars on hoses fittings and sprays only to find out I just can’t buy a hose with out fittings that is $11.80 I have to pay extra for something I already have purchased from them. Their product is a bit expensive as it is, but I must say good. Just taking advantage of people by selling hose with fittings they already purchased from them. Hoselink sell hose without fittings to customers that already purchased fro you

Hoselink's Response
Hi Karl, thanks for taking the time to leave your comments and for your feedback. We actually decided as a company it was better to pre fit all the hoses with the hose end connectors to make this easier for our customers so they didn't have to spend time doing this themselves. The hose end connectors which are pre fitted to the hoses are actually included for free and aren't added on top of the price of the hose. If we were to supply the bare hose without the fittings, the price would remain the same. Hope this clears up any confusion. Kind Regards, The Hoselink Team

Great products.

By: on 20 November 2018
I purchased a Hoselink hose, spray gun, Super Jet washer in addition to a hose bracket and other fittings. The delivery was very prompt. It is a pleasure to water the garden now. My old hose (expensive "non kink" good brand?) drove me mad as it kinked in quite a few places several times while watering the garden in addition to the spray gun continually bursting off the end resulting in a soaking if I did not jump out of the way in time.

Just what I needed.

By: on 30 September 2018
The weeping hose was sufficiently flexible for our purposes and adequately supplies economic watering where it is most effectively needed.

Hoselink catalogue

By: on 16 September 2018
Quite a range of products with hints for Christmas gifts.

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