Hoses & Fittings

Outback Starter Kit

ITEM: 2210 Residential Outback Starter Kit

Rating: 4.94 651 reviews Basic twist nozzle plus connectors for tap and hose More Info


Universal Tap Connector

ITEM: 2320 Residential Universal Tap Connector

Rating: 4.96 1071 reviews Experience a watertight seal that won’t burst off More Info


Accessory Connector

ITEM: 2470 Residential Accessory Connector

Rating: 4.93 558 reviews Connects to most spray guns, sprinklers and accessories More Info


Basic Starter Kit

ITEM: 2260 Residential Basic Starter Kit

Rating: 4.96 609 reviews Connectors for tap and hose, add your own sprayer More Info


Click-on Adapter Set

ITEM: 2491 Residential Click-on Adapter Set

Rating: 4.94 2617 reviews Easily attach your ‘click-on’ watering accessories More Info


Click-on Adapter

ITEM: 2490 Click-on Adapter

Rating: 4.93 710 reviews Easily connect to your ‘click-on’ watering accessories More Info


Angled Tap Protector

ITEM: 2741 Angled Tap Protector

Rating: 4.89 9 reviews Built-in swivel & direction for hose angle from tap More Info


3/4" US Thread Adapter

ITEM: 2731 3/4" US Thread Adapter

Rating: 4.67 3 reviews Converts AU Tap Connector into US thread More Info


US Thread Caravan Connector

ITEM: 2730 US Thread Caravan Connector

Rating: 4.96 50 reviews For caravans with a US style thread More Info


Spare O-Rings 12mm

ITEM: 2720 Residential Spare O-Rings 12mm

Rating: 4.89 124 reviews Ensure a watertight seal More Info


Accessory Connector Cap

ITEM: 2742 Accessory Connector Cap

Rating: 5.00 4 reviews Seals off fittings from insects & dirt More Info


Accessory Connector with End Cap

ITEM: 2743 Residential Accessory Connector with End Cap

Rating: 5.00 1 reviews Seals off hose end to stop insects, lizards & dirt More Info


Drinking Water Hose 10m

ITEM: 4111 Drinking Water Hose 10m

Rating: 5.00 33 reviews Great for caravanners - No Taste, No Smell, Non-Toxic More Info


Sold Out
Drinking Water Hose 20m

ITEM: 4121 Drinking Water Hose 20m

Rating: 4.91 34 reviews Great for caravanners - No Taste, No Smell, Non-Toxic More Info