Caravan & Boating Accessories

Avoid wasteful water accidents with no-burst Hoselink fittings

  • Adapters and fittings for caravans
  • Sprayers and items for cleaning
  • Reliable Boat Ear Muffs


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Universal Tap Connector

Universal Tap Connector ITEM: 2320

Experience a watertight seal that won’t burst off More Info


Basic Starter Kit

Basic Starter Kit ITEM: 2260

Connectors for tap and hose, add your own sprayer More Info


Click-On Adapter Set

Click-On Adapter Set ITEM: 2491

Easily attach your ‘click-on’ watering accessories More Info


Super Jet Washer

Super Jet Washer ITEM: 5563

Make easy work of a tough job More Info


Extendable Cleaning Brush

Extendable Cleaning Brush ITEM: 7003

Super soft bristles + water flow control More Info


Extension Car Wash Brush

Extension Car Wash Brush ITEM: 7002

Lightweight & leak-free More Info


Super Soft Drying Towel - Large

Super Soft Drying Towel - Large ITEM: 7000

Beats a chamois hands down More Info


Merino Wash Mitt

Merino Wash Mitt ITEM: 7005

Gently cleans for a flawless finish! More Info


3/4" US Thread Adapter

3/4" US Thread Adapter ITEM: 2731

Converts AU Tap Connector into US thread More Info


US Thread Caravan Connector

US Thread Caravan Connector ITEM: 2730

For caravans with a US style thread More Info


Spare O-Rings 12mm

Spare O-Rings 12mm ITEM: 2720

Ensure a watertight seal More Info


Accessory Connector Cap

Accessory Connector Cap ITEM: 2742

Seals off fittings from insects & dirt More Info


Accessory Connector with End Cap

Accessory Connector with End Cap ITEM: 2743

Seals off hose end to stop insects, lizards & dirt More Info


Boat Ear Muffs Single-Feed

Boat Ear Muffs Single-Feed ITEM: 9500

Ideal for smaller outboard motors More Info

Was $17.50 Now $14.50

On Sale
Boat Ear Muffs Dual-Feed

Boat Ear Muffs Dual-Feed ITEM: 9501

Securely flush your engine More Info