Buying Guide

Hoselink's patented garden hose connectors are Australia's only hose fittings guaranteed to never burst off your hose

  • Hoselink's unique fitting system secures the hose tightly in the connector.
  • The o'ring to o'ring seal between connectors ensures they stay watertight
  • Hoselink fittings are made from nylon for durability and will fit any standard tap and hose.

To learn more about how the Hoselink hose fitting system works, click here

Hoselink has a range of products to suit every gardener from Starter Kits (pre-selected hose connector sets) through to our popular Retractable Hose Reel.  Hoselink products are only available direct and are not sold in stores.  Purchase online via our easy to use website or call our Customer Service team on 1300 900 617 to place your order.  We deliver Australia-wide, with free delivery on orders over $30.  With a 30-day money back guarantee and outstanding customer service, you can rely on Hoselink for a great shopping and watering experience!

Use the guide below to help you select the right products for your needs.  You can also download this guide here.

Getting Started

Hose Fittings Starter Kit

Hose Fittings Starter Kit

Ideal for those wanting to try Hoselink fittings on their current garden hose.

  • What it does: A set of fittings you can use to convert one of your existing hoses to Hoselink.
  • What it includes: Comes with fittings for the tap and sprayer plus a sprayer of your choice.
  • Options: A selection of starter kits is available depending on your preferred sprayer.
Garden Hose + Fittings Set

Garden Hose + Fittings Set

Ideal for those wanting to replace their current garden hose and don’t want a retractable reel.

  • What it does: A regular garden hose that you manually wind onto a hanger, loop over a tap or put onto a manual wind up hose reel.
  • What it includes: Comes with fittings for the tap and sprayer plus a quality metal spray gun.
  • Options: Available in two hose types and various lengths.
Retractable Hose Reel

Retractable Hose Reel

Ideal for those wanting a hose solution that’s both neat and tidy and easy to use.

  • What it does: A wall-mounted unit that includes a spring-loaded hose that rolls in and out easily.
  • What it includes: Comes with the wall bracket, fittings for the tap and sprayer, plus a quality metal spray gun.
  • Options: Available in a variety of hose lengths plus a Hi-Flow option for those needing to maintain water pressure.

What Else Might I Need?

Do you ever use Seasol or pre-packaged spray bottles?

Spray Bottle

You’ll need to connect via a Click-on Adapter Set (Item 2491)

Spray Bottle Connection

Do you have a pressure washer you need to connect?

Pressure Washer

Unscrew the inlet fitting and replace with a Universal Tap Connector (Item 2320)

Pressure Washer Connection

Do you have a sprinkler or other accessory you still want to use?


If you can unscrew the inlet fitting you’ll need an Accessory Connector (Item 2470)

Sprinkler Connection

For more detailed compatibility information click here