Reel Up Bundle

Most popular reel & accessory combo

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Everything you need to make watering a dream with one click!

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What's Included

30m Hose Reel

30m Retractable Hose Reel

The ultimate way to water with ease.  Comes with everything you see including bracket, screw set, spray gun, fittings, hose & retractable case.

Super Jet Washer

Super Jet Washer

Ever popular sprayer ideal for cleaning cars, boats, paved areas, windows, guttering and more. Two interchangeable nozzles deliver a strong pinpoint blast or wide fan spray. Easy to use on/off lever controls the flow of water. Includes an Accessory Connector.

9 Pattern Sprinkler

9-Pattern Sprinkler

Versatile and durable, this sprinkler is ideal for most average sized yards.  Simply turn the dial to change the spray pattern which includes a variety of settings for almost any application.

Accessory Connector

Accessory Connector

Securely connects your hose to your watering accessory (e.g. spray gun, nozzle or sprinkler) in a watertight seal that won't leak or burst off. Screws directly into the thread of your watering accessory or any outlet with a female (inner) thread.

Click-On Adapter Set

Click-On Adapter Set

Connect your Hoselink fitted hose to your 'click-on' watering accessories. Simply screw the Accessory Connector into the Click-On Adapter to connect your hose and watering accessory. Not covered by the Hoselink no-burst guarantee.

Universal Tap Connector

Universal Tap Connector

Screws onto any size Australian tap for a watertight seal between your tap and hose. Can be used with accessories that have a male thread (e.g. pressure washers, caravans, boats).


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Reel Up Bundle has a rating of 5/5 based on 9 reviews.

$100 voucher

By: Verified Buyer
27 September 2018
Everything is wonderful but only problem was package was damaged on route to our house


By: Verified Buyer
5 November 2017
I umm'd and aaah'd for awhile...l am sick of buying cheap inferior products and having to keep replacing them, just seems like false economy!! But I recently bought Hoselink and would never look back. Yeah it's a little bit more expensive first up, but absolutely brilliant products!!! Don't hesitate, just buy them!!!

Incomplete bundle

By: Verified Buyer
2 November 2017
I love your products but with this bundle it needed more hose connections. Needed fittings to connect it to the tap. I had to do another order and pay freight for a couple of connections.

Fast Turn Around!

By: Verified Buyer
1 November 2017
I could not be happier with my recent purchase of my Hoselink package. The shipping service was so fast I was watering without getting wet the very next weekend. The flow control trigger spray gun has changed my life - I love it! I will never go back to tangled cheap hoses again.

Love this product

By: Verified Buyer
30 October 2017
I love the quality of the reel hose. The bundle package was so helpful and have fallen in love with the Jet sprayer. I have used it on my pavers to blast the mold away. The sprinkler is fantastic.

Great Australian product

By: Verified Buyer
28 October 2017
This is a wonderful product is exactly what the advertisement says Please get behind our AUSTRALIAN products

Excellent quality

By: Verified Buyer
27 October 2017
I will not buy any other type of hose reel again. The Hoselink products are strong and the Bundle package was good value. They exude quality and the joins are tight so you don't get water squirting everywhere other than where you want it.


By: Verified Buyer
26 October 2017
The best hose product ever - no disconnections from taps or attachments to hose - therefore much easier to hose water by myself - no tangles in hose - with an ordinary hose - I had to keep stopping and walking back to the tap connection to re attached hose and untangle hose - took me so much longer to water the plants - especially those which were more that 20mtrs away. (this hoselink package has made life so much easier for me - especially before and after my total hip replacements.....


By: Verified Buyer
25 October 2017
Excellent product easy to instal and use

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