Plant Health Seaweed Tonic Concentrate

Promotes vigorous growth & stimulates flowering

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Hoselink’s Plant Health Seaweed Tonic Concentrate is made from a combination of kelp seaweed and soluble potassium humate which helps plants to grow more vigorously, enriches the soil and stimulates flowering and fruiting.

Packed with minerals and nutrients, seaweed is high in complex carbohydrates essential for assisting with healthy plant growth and defending plants from soil borne diseases. Though rich with minerals, the Seaweed Tonic has small quantities of such nutrients, making this formula safe and gentle enough for use on delicate plants and seedlings, as well as for regular plant health maintenance.   

The fast-acting formula works effectively whether applied directly to soil and/or foliage, as plants can absorb the food directly through their leaves. 

Contains liquid composts that promote good soil structure – looking after your plants above and below ground! Plus, it is safe to use on all plants including natives, seedlings, flowering and fruiting plants.

Directions for Use

Watering Can

Refer to dilution rates table below. Figures based on pre-mixing in a 9litre watering can.

  1. Fill watering can with water
  2. Mix required amount of Plant Health Tonic
  3. Apply evenly over selected application

Hoselink NEW Fertiliser Spray Mixer (new product arriving late April 2019, these instructions are not applicable to the current version):

Dilution rates; 450ml of Plant Health covers 202m². *based on foliar application

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Siphon tube required - unscrew the bottle and remove the siphon tube, then unscrew brass pin from above selector dial and push into the top of the siphon tube. Reassemble.
  3. Pour concentrate into Hoselink’s Fertiliser Spray Mixer.
  4. Select dial (refer to table below) and walk slowly using a sweeping action to apply evenly to selected application.


Plant/ Application Type

Rate per 9Lt watering can

Hoselink  Spray Mixer Setting

Application Frequency



1 with insert screw.

Every 1-2 weeks

Foliar Application


1 with insert screw

Every 1-2 weeks

New Plantings


1 with insert screw

At planting and in 2 weeks



1 with insert screw

Every week



1 with insert screw

Every week

Established Plants 


1 with insert screw

Every 1-2 weeks



5 with insert screw

Every 2 weeks



5 with insert screw

Every 2 weeks (during growing period)


Expert Tip: For a complete balanced fertiliser combine with Hoselink Super Grow Garden Fertiliser.

Proudly made in Australia.

When should I use Seaweed Tonic?

We recommend using our Seaweed Tonic 2-3 times per month for best results. Unlike with other fertilisers, Seaweed Tonic can be safely sprayed on your garden throughout the year.


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Product Specifications

Typical Analysis

Contains 0.5% Potassium Hydroxide

Safety Data Sheet



What's Included

  • 1 x 1.25ltr Plant Health *Seaweed Tonic* Concentrate
  • Latest Hoselink Catalogue


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