Outback Starter Kit

Basic twist nozzle plus connectors for tap and hose

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Get started with the Outback Starter Kit. Built tough for Aussie conditions, you can count on Hoselink’s hard wearing long lasting hose fittings to NEVER burst off!

If you already have a hose, don’t worry about guessing which fittings you need, the Outback Starter Kit comes complete with all of the necessary fittings and a Basic Spray Nozzle.

Fitting any size Australian tap and standard size garden hose (12mm), these innovative hose fittings provide a 100% watertight connection every time.

Thanks to the ergonomically designed ‘point and twist’ connection they are easy to use for any age, including for those with arthritis.

To keep things as simple and user friendly as possible, the face of each fitting is identical. This means each part of the Hoselink fitting system is completely interchangeable. You can connect your tap to hose, hose to accessory, and hose to another hose without using additional parts. Now isn’t that easy.

Learn how to connect Hoselink to your hose by watching the video here

Purchase Hoselink fittings and join thousands of Australians enjoying a better watering experience. Hoselink fittings are covered by a 3 year Warranty and the Basic Spray Nozzle is covered by a 12 month warranty.  If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase within 30 days we’ll happily give you your money back.

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What's Included

Basic Spray Nozzle

Basic Spray Nozzle

Classic, easy to use spray nozzle with a water flow ranging from light mist through to hard jet spray. Simply twist the nozzle to adjust the spray and to turn water flow on/off.

Universal Tap Connector

Universal Tap Connector

Screws onto any size Australian tap for a watertight seal between your tap and hose.

Accessory Connector

Accessory Connector

Securely connects your hose to your spray nozzle in a watertight seal that won't leak or burst off. Screws directly into the thread of your spray nozzle.

Hose End Connector

Hose End Connector x 2

Clamps into your standard size garden hose (12mm) in a secure connection guaranteed to never burst off.

Product Specifications

Model Name
Outback Starter Kit
Model Number
Fittings (nylon), spray nozzle (ABS plastic)
Green, yellow
Fitting Size
Maximum Pressure
UV Resistant
Assembly Required

What's Included

  • Tap Connector (x1)
  • Hose Connectors (x2)
  • Accessory Connector (x1)
  • Basic Spray Nozzle (x1)
  • Spare O-Rings (x3)
  • White Split Rings (x2)
  • Fitting Instructions
  • Latest Hoselink Catalogue


Tap Connector 3 years
Hose Connector 3 years
Accessory Connector 3 years
Basic Spray Nozzle 12 months

Q. Can I use Hoselink with my other watering accessories, pressure washers, etc.?
A. Yes, it can be done either with an adapter or by direct connection.  For more information, see this link: http://www.hoselink.com.au/view/Sprinkler-Accessory-Compa

Q. Isn't this type of sprayer illegal?
A. Hoselink sells its products all over Australia and different water restrictions exist across the country.  Typically, most councils now seem to require use of a "trigger" sprayer, where the water does not come on automatically when the tap is turned on.  Hoselink recommends that you check water restrictions and guidelines with your local water board before deciding whether this product is suitable for you.

Q. Will this kit fit my tap?
A. The included Tap Connector fits the 2 common tap sizes found in Australia, by way of use with or without the included size reducer.

Q. Can I use this kit with a recycled water tap?
A. Yes you can but you'll need to purchase a Recycled Water Tap Converter as well.


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Outback Starter Kit has a rating of 5/5 based on 619 reviews.

Outback Starter Kit

By: Verified Buyer
6 February 2018
Amazing product! How wonderful it is to water without my hose fittings leaking. Simple to install, quality made product, real value for money.

Sceptic now converted

By: Verified Buyer
5 February 2018
The hose link adds really says it how it is, so happy with my hose link gear! And no more unexpected showers Cheers hoselink

Leaks finally stopped

By: Verified Buyer
2 February 2018
Finally purchased hoselink fittings after trying many fittings and no more leaking hoses. Well worth the cost just wish I had done it earlier it would have saved me money and all the frustration.

Starter Kit

By: Verified Buyer
1 February 2018
Very happy with this product, was purchased as a gift because I wash my truck weekly & weekly I have a battle with the hose fittings bursting off due to pressure from the pump (tank water), thankfully, I no longer have this issue!

Outback starter kit

By: Verified Buyer
14 January 2018
I have been using Hoselink products for approximately 5 years. The Hoselink connection is Excellent. The thread in the spray unit was wearing out slightly, and a little water was leaking out, this is no fault of the product.

Outback starter kit

By: Verified Buyer
11 January 2018
Am extremely happy with the " outback Starter Kit " needed better connection's was sick of dripping and blowouts !! As was given a system (item 3330 I think! ...) as a Christmas gift 5 or 6 years ago, of which has been superb on our main water connection.... decided to get some hoselink equipment for the other tap outlet!! Keep up the great products, Regards Margaret Knee

Fantastic Christmas Present

By: Verified Buyer
8 January 2018
My wife purchased the Outback Starter Kit along with my 30m Retractable Hose Reel as part of my Christmas present. The hose I was using kept coming off the tap if it was turned on too fast. Now I can attach my current hose to a tap and know that it will not come off if the water flow on the tap is too high. It also means that I have some flexibility when it comes to watering my garden and can attach the hose to any tap in my garden. We will certainly be buying more products from the range.


By: Verified Buyer
7 January 2018
What sturdy, well-designed hose fittings! I can't detect one leak! Great compliment to my retractable hose!

It works

By: Verified Buyer
6 January 2018
Fknally able to water and no leaks also does not disconnect - thank you

Quality product

By: Verified Buyer
4 January 2018
Quality product, very easy to connect to existing hoses.

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