15m Hose Reel Cover - Moo Cow On Sale

Hose Reel Cover - Moo Cow (Discontinued)

30m & 25m Hi-flow SOLD OUT. 15m, 20m & 25m available.

Was $29.50
$ 15.00

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DISCONTINUED LINE - Please note that 30m & 25m Hi-flow model sizes are now sold out.

Mooooo...if you love a bit of fun, then our new Moo Cow Printed Hose Reel Cover will fit right into your garden!

Our Hose Reel Covers have been specially designed for a snug fit and a smart look for your Retractable Hose Reel.

If your reel is positioned in strong sunlight all day long, a Hose Reel Cover can help to protect and prolong the life of the outer casing.

You’ll also prevent wasps from nesting in the screw holes.  They can create an unsightly rusty brown colour on the case but with a Hose Reel Cover, this problem is solved.

Hose Reel Covers fit Retractable Hose Reel models 3315, 3320, 3325 and 3330 and the 25m Hi-Flow models.  See FAQs for info regarding previous models.

  • Protect your hose reel case from strong, daily sun
  • Prevent wasps from nesting in the screw holes

This item is for the cover only and does not include a hose reel.


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Product Specifications

Model Name
Printed Hose Reel Cover - Moo Cow
Model Number
Nylon with zipper
Black and white
Fits Hoselink Retractable Hose Reels.
Sizes include 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m and 25m Hi-Flow
Warranty 12 months

Q. Do I need to buy the right size for my hose reel?
A. Yes, the covers are designed to fit the Retractable Hose Reel snugly so you'll need the right size.

Q. What if I have an older model hose reel?
A. The current hose reel range was released in Spring 2013.  If you purchased prior to this time, please check which model you purchased to ensure you receive the correct fitting cover for your hose reel.

  • If you purchased a 3220, the 15m Hose Reel Cover will fit.
  • If you purchased a 3230, the 25m Hose Reel Cover will fit.

Q. What is the cover made from?
A. The cover is made from nylon and has a zipper in one side.


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Hose Reel Cover - Moo Cow (Discontinued) has a rating of 5/5 based on 19 reviews.

Moo I'm Looking Good

By: Verified Buyer
11 March 2018
Nothing says 'get out outside and enjoy the garden' than catching a glimpse of my brand new hose reel ready to go sitting underneath it's cool moo cow cover. No need to fear the hose coming loose and no need to fear a random cow wandering past.


By: Verified Buyer
5 February 2018
This product is wonderful! I just love it. Extremely well made and it looks fantastic!! Thank you

Great product

By: Verified Buyer
16 December 2017
very pleased with this cover

Moo Cow Cover

By: Verified Buyer
15 October 2017
Very easy to order and very fast for delivery. Looking at getting another one recommend to anyone who has at retractable hose. Extremely good quality and defiantly gives character and personalized to your individual tastes.

Moo Cow cover

By: Verified Buyer
11 October 2017
Easy to put on and very stylish!

Moo Cow

By: Verified Buyer
17 March 2017
I love my Moo Cow Hoselink Cover, it makes my hose a design feature and point of interest in my garden. Great design !

Moo Cow Cover

By: Verified Buyer
15 February 2017
I was concerned about the hose reel getting several hours of sun every day, the Moo Cow cover looks great, is well priced and only takes seconds to fit. Great addition to the hose reel.


By: Verified Buyer
20 January 2017
I got a couple of these one for the front and one for the back and love them, apart from being sensible in that they keep the UV of the reels so they dont degrade and are easy to clean (just hose them off) they Look REALLY COOL. I went for the Cow hide over the Cam look for the visual impact .My friends are so envious and want to great there own little herd grazing about .All I can say is MOO MOO MOOOOOO!!!!!!

Thrilled with patterned cover

By: Verified Buyer
2 January 2017
Moo cover to go with Xmas gift of hose reel and family thrilled with the design

Great look

By: Verified Buyer
18 December 2016
Love this fun cover. Looks great on my deck and the grandkids love it

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