Hose Reel Cover - Classic

Protect your hose reel and prolong its life

$ 24.50

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The Classic Hose Reel Cover is made from UV protected fabric to further protect your investment from the environment.

With a snug fit, our Hose Reel Covers have been specially designed to create a smart look for your Retractable Hose Reel.

If your reel is positioned in strong sunlight all day long, a Hose Reel Cover can help to protect and prolong the life of the outer casing.

In some instances wasps nest in the screw holes, creating an unsightly rust looking discharge.  Our reels are fitted with stainless steel screws, so it definitely is not rust!  The cover will stop the critters from creating a home in your reel - problem solved!

Hose Reel Covers fit Retractable Hose Reel models 3315, 3320, 3325 and 3330 and the 25m Hi-Flow models.  See FAQs for info regarding previous models.

  • Protect your hose reel case from strong, daily sun
  • Prevent wasps from nesting in the screw holes

This item is for the cover only and does not include a hose reel.

12 month warranty

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Product Specifications

Model Name
Hose Reel Cover - Classic
Model Number   
Nylon with zipper
Off white
Fits Hoselink Retractable Hose Reels.
Sizes included 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m and 25m Hi-Flow
Warranty 12 months

Q. Do I need to buy the right size for my hose reel?
A. Yes, the covers are designed to fit the Retractable Hose Reel snugly so you'll need the right size.

Q. What if I have an older model hose reel?
A. The current hose reel range was released in Spring 2013.  If you purchased prior to this time, please check which model you purchased to ensure you receive the correct fitting cover for your hose reel.

  • If you purchased a 3220, the 15m Hose Reel Cover will fit.
  • If you purchased a 3230, the 25m Hose Reel Cover will fit.

Q. What is the cover made from?
A. The cover is made from nylon and has a zipper in one side.


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Hose Reel Cover - Classic has a rating of 5/5 based on 995 reviews.

Fantastic product

By: Verified Buyer
9 August 2018
Love this hose reel cover design is fantastic and easy to use ! Gone are the days of hand reeling in your hose it really is a neat way to hide all that unsightly mess ! Now if someone could design the same concept for electrical cords that would be wonderful ! Thankyou again Hoselink amazing customer service and quick follow up too !


By: Verified Buyer
14 February 2018
I purchased this long after we bought our hose, I should have bought it years ago!!!! If your hose is going to be in direct sunlight, this is a must have!

Hoselink's Got Me Covered

By: Verified Buyer
3 February 2018
My order of the Hoselink 25m Hi-Flow Hose Reel Cover arrived promptly. Ultra-easy to put on and doing a great job of protecting the reel itself. Does not hinder the passage of the hose going in and out. Looking forward to it extending the life of the reel significantly.

The war is over

By: Verified Buyer
3 February 2018
I no longer have to go to war with the hose. It’s as simple as extending the hose and pulling the trigger. When completed job at hand it beautifully retracts. It is not left where I finished no arguing with it when it kinks no extension hose to add to reach far corners looking for connectors and they are never where left. My garden worki is a joy. Thanks hoselink you are now my go to for anything in water for my garden

Fantastic hose reel cover.

By: Verified Buyer
29 January 2018
Very good quality ,easy to fit ,looks great ,great for protecting the hose reel ,I recommend purchasing this product.

Happy with the quality, fits well

By: Verified Buyer
27 January 2018
I trust it will extend the life of the retractable hose assembly

It's a cover - needs accessory pockets.

By: Verified Buyer
19 January 2018
Bought this as the last reel I had degraded badly in the harsh Canberra sunlight. I guess this is a cheap insurance policy. It would be great if it had pockets to hold watering accessories not in use.

Hose link Cover

By: Verified Buyer
12 January 2018
Great fit and colour accurate

Hose link cover

By: Verified Buyer
11 January 2018
We are so happy with our Hoselink that we want to protect it from the elements as best we can. Watering the plants has never been so easy and enjoyable, our plants are finally being watered daily - they never looked so healthy and green.

Fantastic cover

By: Verified Buyer
10 January 2018
As my hose reel is in the sun throughout all daylight hours I purchased a cover as I thought it would help any sun damage that may occur. The product is fantastic and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to everyone.

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