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Flexible Tap Protector

Reduce stress on tap fittings and timers

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The Flexible Tap Protector helps prevent your hose from kinking at the tap when you are pulling it to its limit and also reduces stress on fittings at the tap.

The brass Tap Protector takes the force and will arc the hose in the right direction.

This product can also be useful when used in conjunction with tap timers.  It will reduce stress on the timer's mechanisms if the hose is being pulled.  Not needed if your timer is set up with a polypipe watering system.

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Product Specifications

Model Name Flexible Tap Protector
Model Number 5746
Tap Thread Fitting Size 25mm (1”) and 20mm (¾”) with included reducer
Outlet Thread Size 1 x 20mm (¾”) Thread Outlet
Material Brass and PVC
Colour Green, Silver and Gold
UV Resistant Yes
Assembly Required No
Individual Item Yes



12 months


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Flexible Tap Protector has a rating of 5/5 based on 63 reviews.

Best Invention Ever!

By: Verified Buyer
19 February 2017
Great product. Is such a simple idea that works so well. The quality of this little bit of kit is excellent. Very handy for protecting your hose fittings and/or filter, if u have one installed.

Great Idea

By: Verified Buyer
13 December 2016
Fantastic product, saves the stress on your tap

Clever idea - no hose kinking at the tap.

8 May 2016
We've all done it - pulled the hose to the most extreme and either snapped the hose fitting at the tap or kinked the hose so it's useless. This product stops those problems. I've installed one on every external tap in the house. It's a lifesaver.

Flexible tap protector

5 February 2016
Working well. maybe need to be a little longer

Review Flexible Tap Connector

5 February 2016
I am getting these for all my garden taps. Firstly they prevent the pulling on the tap fitting but I have found the greatest benefit is when you are using one of the new type of double taps. If you use a flexible connector on one tap outlet you now have sufficient space to fit a garden timer to the other tap. Works perfectly!!

Less Strain on Hoses

3 January 2016
Some caravan parks have their fresh water taps very low to the ground. This product is ideal as it reduces any stress on the hose when making these connections.

A Safer tap attachement

20 December 2015
My little fella loves the garden and loves the hose. The more he yanks the hose the more sure I am that its still attached when he has pulled as hard as his little hands can. Thanks hoselink for the peace of mind.


8 December 2015
Where else can you buy something like this and as good a quality?

Very good for tight spots

23 November 2015
I found this terrific for use with a tap in an awkward spot. It makes it so much easier to reach the connection and places less stress on the hose.

Tap Protector

14 September 2015
I think these are great as it allows the hose to curve and save the tap connectors. I even brought them for my Mum and Mother in-Law.

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