Angled Tap Protector

Changes direction of the hose from the tap

$ 7.90

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The Angled Tap Protector allows you to change the direction of the hose from the tap, thereby reducing kinks in the hose and stress on tap fittings.

The Angled Tap Protector can change direction of the tap on two planes.  Use it to change the direction of the hose and fittings coming from the tap by up to 90 degrees in any direction.  Moving the outlet in this plane is firm and adjustments is up to 180 degrees.

The second plane allows the Angled Tap Protector to follow where the hose is being used.  The outlet spins at the set angle, meaning less stress on fittings.

This product is particularly useful if you tap is positioned close to the ground.  It allows the use of Hoselink Hose Fittings on any tap height.

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Product Specifications

Model Name
Angled Tap Protector
Model Number
Fitting Size
Maximum Pressure
UV Resistant
Assembly Required
Warranty 12 months


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Angled Tap Protector has a rating of 5/5 based on 5 reviews.

Accessorise and save with the Angled tap protector

By: Verified Buyer
8 February 2018
Angled tap protector excellent for situation where tap is close to ground and additionally provides movement flexibility when moving the hose around the garden. Bought this product as couldn't get a bass adaptor to work without leaking.

Great option where there is no hose reel

By: Verified Buyer
17 November 2017
I hadn't thought about these until seeing them on the website. These are fantastic for taps where I haven't got a hose reel, allowing more flexibility when the hose is at it's limit and I don't have to worry about the hose kinking or pulling it off the tap. Not sure how I survived without these in the past!

Great product

By: Verified Buyer
30 October 2017
The ease of use with this is great and swivels well.

Takes all of the stress off the hose

By: Verified Buyer
26 December 2016
Very handy for my low mounted taps. It means I can use all of the hose without putting too much stress on the tap end fitting.

As advertised

By: Verified Buyer
15 December 2016
The Angled Tap Protector has performed as advertised. I have two people in my family that for differing reasons require everything they use to be as resistance free as possible. The Angled Tap Protector makes the hose much easier to usse.

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