4 Pattern Extendable Wand

Watering with reach!

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Whether watering or cleaning, this extendable sprayer can reach higher than any other sprayer can.

The 4-Pattern Extendable Wand can be extended anywhere between 93cm and 160cm to suit the task and is easily adjusted whenever you need to.

There are 4 spray patterns including: Cone | Mist | Shower | Gutter

In addition, the pivot head allows you to adjust the angle, ideal when using the Gutter setting to clean out guttering and downpipes.  You can turn the water on or off via the twist mechanism at the base of the handle.

Two soft rubber grip handles make it easy to hold and with the pole being aluminium, it is light enough for anyone to use.

To extend the handle, turn the widest sleeve near the spray head then pull the spray head up.  To secure at the desired length, tighten the sleeve again.

The 4-Pattern Extendable Wand comes pre-fitted with a Hoselink Accessory Connector (12mm) for a quick and easy connection to your Hoselink fitted hose.

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Product Specifications

Model Name
4 Pattern Extendable Wand
Model Number
Aluminium, rubber, plastic, nylon (fitting)
Weight 747grams
Length 93cm to 160cm
Black and silver
Fitting Size
Compatible with 12mm and 18mm. Includes 12mm Hoselink Accessory Connector.
Maximum Pressure
UV Resistant
Assembly Required
Warranty 12 months

What's Included

  • 4 Pattern Extendable Wand
  • Hoselink Accessory Connector


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4 Pattern Extendable Wand has a rating of 5/5 based on 17 reviews.

Great hosing system

By: Verified Buyer
11 September 2018
A wonderful watering accessory for the Hoselink system; a bit heavier than any other wand but it certainly works well.

Watering wand

By: Verified Buyer
1 March 2018
Best watering wand ever we have had a few but this one will last a long time I would say, nice a solid

Now in easy reach.

By: Verified Buyer
10 January 2018
My wife likes the 4 Pattern extendable wand as it makes it easier to reach the hanging baskets and it is also great for cleaning out the gutters. Needs a better misting nozzle however, more like the one on the 7 Function Spray Gun.

Extendable wand

By: Verified Buyer
29 December 2017
Awesome I am a quadriplegic & at last I can help water my pot plants & garden.


By: Verified Buyer
14 November 2017
This product is great for overhead watering of my tree ferns, which are taller than me. I can get water right into the centre of the plants without watering myself too. Being able to adjust the water flow from the handle makes this product perfect for my needs.


By: Verified Buyer
25 October 2017
It was very good to see my purchase being tracked through the Mail, I was kept up to date at all times with my purchases. There were no unexpected surprises and I now have my purchases in use. Thank you for an easy straight forward process.

Awesome item

By: Verified Buyer
18 October 2017
I brought this item to save my dad going on the roof and cleaning the gutters. I found it extremely handy to use.

Amazing Extendable Wand

By: Verified Buyer
18 September 2017
This is such a versatile product. It gives you a number of nozzle options, and height options. The swivel head makes it easy to get to hard to reach places. It delivers the right jet at the right height, and angle. Love it!

1/ extendable wand.. 2/ hose connector with flow c

By: Verified Buyer
16 July 2017
1/ this wand is the best balanced, flow and easiest to adjusted 2/I have these items connected to the watering end of hose, and use them to adjust the flow especially when watering pots 3/ non of my hoses get tangled with the swivel.

High performance

By: Verified Buyer
22 February 2017
Purchased for residents at lifestyle village , watering 35 7ft tall tomatoe plants to water the roots only without having to bend!

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