18mm Hose Kit (30m) with Spray Gun

Commercial/rural size hose & fittings + sprayer

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Product Info

This durable and reliable 18mm hose, fittings and spray gun will deliver the water pressure you need.  Typically used in commercial and rural applications, 18mm hoses have a larger internal hose diameter to increase water flow and pressure.

It comes with a full set of 18mm Hose Fittings, with two 18mm Hose Connectors pre-fitted, plus an 18mm Tap Connector, 18mm Accessory Connector and Premium Metal 7-Function Spray Gun.

Hoselink’s new 18mm Hose features a three-layer material knit and thick wall design that helps prevent kinks and twists. Thanks to its high quality construction, this hose is built to last and you’ll enjoy using it for years to come.

The hose has been tested to 550psi so you can rely on it not to burst or break under high water pressure. Additionally, with its high abrasion resistance there is no need to worry about damage from dirt, debris or rubble.

The 18mm Hose is a hard wearing hose that will retain its shape and consistency even in the toughest weather conditions. It is suitable for climates ranging from -5°C to 50°C and has been UV stabilised to prevent damage from the harsh Australian sun. From the height of summer to the frosts of winter, your heavy duty 18mm Hose will remain flexible and easy to use all year round.

All Hoselink garden hoses are BPA and lead free.


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Product Specifications

18mm Hose and Fittings with Spray Gun
Model Name
18mm Hose and Fittings with Spray Gun
Model Number
Hose (PVC), Connectors (nylon), Split ring (plastic), O-Ring (rubber)
Fittings (red and black), Hose (green with blue stripe)
Hose Fitting Size
Tap Thread Fitting Size 25mm (1”) and 20mm (¾”) with included reducer
Maximum Pressure
Weight 11.30kg
UV Resistant
Assembly Required
Warranty 2 years

What's Included

  • 1 x 30m Garden Hose (18mm internal diameter)
  • 1 x Premium Metal 7-Function Spray Gun
  • 1 x 18mm Tap Connector
  • 1 x Reducer
  • 2 x 18mm Hose Connector
  • 1 x 18mm Accessory Connector
  • 2 x White Split Ring
  • 3 x O-Rings
  • Fitting Instructions
  • Latest Hoselink Catalogue

Q. Can I use 18mm hose fittings with my regular green and yellow 12mm Hoselink hose fittings?
A. The O'Ring to O'Ring faces are not compatible between the 12mm and 18mm range. However you can make a connection between the 2 systems by coupling an 18mm Accessory Connector into a 12mm Tap Connector (or vice versa).

Q. Can I fit 18mm hose fittings to a standard garden hose?
A. 18mm hose fittings have been designed specifically for use with 18mm internal diameter garden hoses and cannot be used with regular 12mm garden hoses.

Q. Why would I use 18mm hoses and fittings?
A. Larger internal 18mm diameter hoses and fittings are typically used in low water pressure situations, or where a high volume of water is required.  They are often used in commercial situations such as at sporting fields, golf courses, nurseries, farms and parks.  Many people in rural situations use these hoses where water pressure is very low, such as supply from a dam or tank.  Anyone can choose to use 18mm hoses and fittings but they're typically used as a solution to low water pressure.

Q. What are the locking tabs for?
A. Our 18mm hose fittings have been designed with locking tabs to ensure they never, ever twist apart.  We DO NOT recommend you insert these to begin with as once installed, they cannot be removed (and may get in the way of easy use).  They may be useful in situations where the weight and particular use pulls the fittings apart, such as at a hose join.  In this instance, you can insert a locking tab (on one side only is necessary) to ensure the fittings won't twist apart.

Q. Why aren't the 18mm fittings green and yellow?
A. We wanted to make it easy for customers who use both 12mm and 18mm hose fittings to identify which is which.


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18mm Hose Kit (30m) with Spray Gun has a rating of 5/5 based on 24 reviews.


By: Verified Buyer
12 September 2018
Hindsight is a marvelous thing right?? Why on earth I didn't buy this years ago is beyond me. the quality of these products is outstanding, so far the only hose and fittings I've ever had not to bust off or leak. the 18mm hose is like a fire hose and the spray gun works and feels like the way things used to be made... I love it..

18mm Hose Kit

By: Verified Buyer
7 January 2018
Brilliant for increased water flow. High quality hose typical of Hoselink products. Staff are a pleasure to deal with. A most professional company supplying high quality products Don't bother wasting your money on other brands. For me it is Hoselink or nothing.

Fantastic customer service and love the hose

By: Verified Buyer
14 November 2017
I inadvertently purchased the wrong size hose and was pleasantly surprised to be told I could return it at no cost to me and the correct hose was promptly sent to me which I am extremely happy with. Communication was clear and personable so I will definitely be recommending Hoselink to others.

Even Better

By: Verified Buyer
16 October 2017
What a surprise! The hose I purchased was even better than I imagined it would be. A very thick hose, much longer than I realised, with fittings that work like a dream

Geez... what have I bought here?

By: Verified Buyer
8 October 2017
Thought I was buying a hose, instead I got a fire hose. I mistakenly ordered the 18mm instead of the 12mm hose. This product will out live me, l will let the children fight for it after I die. Great product, wished I had bought one years ago.

Cape york gardener

By: Verified Buyer
7 October 2017
Im more than happy with your product bloody good gear.

18mm Hose Kit

By: Verified Buyer
5 October 2017
This is fabulous! Fast and furious with all the features needed!!

19 mm hose ,fittings & spray nozzle

By: Verified Buyer
23 September 2017
excellent product &service

Thank You

By: Verified Buyer
5 April 2017
I have been hoping that you would bring out a larger bore hose. The original is a bit small for rural blocks where fires can be a problem

Should have bought it years ago

By: Verified Buyer
23 February 2017
Everything fitted perfectly and easily. Fixed the pressure problem immediately, just wish we had purchased the hoselink solution years ago.

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