Garden hose coiled in neat pile in the garden

It’s the age old question about whether size and the length of a man’s hose matters. We conducted a survey of over 2,000 people, to discover the changing hose habits of Australians. The survey discovered that Tasmanians and South Australians are the most likely to have a hose longer than 30 metres, while Western Australians and Queenslanders are most likely to have a hose under 18 metres in length. Men in regional areas have longer hoses in general, compared to their city counterparts.

I decided to have a chat with our founder, Tim Kierath, to see what he had to say about it all. Tim sure enough, firmly believes the length and size of a hose does indeed matter.

“Hoses come in all different lengths and longer is not necessarily better,” said Tim. “You should only buy the length you need and that will depend on the size of the area that the hose will be used in, what it’s used for and where it will be stored.” The longer the hose, the heavier it will be to move around, the more storage space it needs and it can also result in lower water pressure coming out at the end. “This is why our longest hose is 30 metres,” explains Tim.

In order to choose a hose, Tim advises measuring the farthest distance from the tap and buying a hose that goes just beyond that. Tugging on the hose to stretch it out is not recommended. If “click-on” fittings are being used it’s likely they will break. If a 30 metre hose is not long enough, Tim suggests joining two hoses. The second hose can be hung under a tree or the like, in the area where the additional hose is required. If Hoselink connectors are fitted, no additional joiner is required. Simply point and twist the 2 ends together for a join that is stronger than the hose. “This way, you’re not dragging around a long, heavy garden hose all the time,” he said.

In terms of size, a 12 millimetre diameter hose is the most useful and common diameter for a garden hose around the home. For areas with lower water pressure, we have an Auto Reel with a 14mm hose that provides about 25% more flow. For regional areas and commercial applications, an 18 millimetre diameter hose is typically used providing a much higher water flow rate.

As you know Hoselink is home to Australia’s trusted no-burst hose fittings and we have a range of products to make watering more enjoyable, including hoses, fittings, hose reels, sprinklers, sprayers and accessories. You are always welcome to call and discuss your watering needs 1300 900 617.

Happy Hosing!

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