The New Year is upon us so why not treat your garden to one of our handy Hoselink products. To help you decide what you might need to improve your garden we have selected 6 Products that we think will transform your garden in 2017. 


Total Misting Package

The Total Misting Package has been selected because it is perfect for keeping your garden, your pets and yourself cool in the peak heat of summer. This misting kit will change your outdoor entertainment possibilities as you will be able to stay outside no matter how hot it gets. The automated timer settings allow you to relax while it does the work.  The misting kit is perfect for cooling greenhouses, aviaries, chooks pens, entertainment areas and any other outdoor areas. 

What’s included:
•    1x Misting Timer
•    1x 15m White PVC Hose
•    7x Misting Heads
•    1x End Misting Head
•    1x Hoselink Accessory Connector
•    1x Black Hose End
•    8x Nail U-Clips
•    8x Hanging Snap Clips


Flat Soaker Hose

The Flat Soaker Hose has been selected because it’s a real time saver! Don’t waste your time standing around in the peak heat of summer watering instead put the Flat Soaker hose to work. The Flat Soaker hose avoids evaporation as it seeps water straight into soil roots and can be put under mulch. The 15m Flat Soaker hose delivers a slow, even water supply directly into garden beds with minimal evaporation. 

What’s included:

•    15m Flat Soaker Hose (x1)
•    Hoselink Accessory Connector (x1)
Also available in 7.5m length.


hose soaker

The Auto-fill pet bowl

The Auto-fill pet bowl has been selected to make sure you loved pets stay hydrated throughout the hotter months of the year. The Auto-fill pet bowl ensures constant water supply for pets. Best placed in a shady position so the water doesn’t get too hot. It utilises a float mechanism hidden away from your pet at the back of the bowl that automatically refills every time your loved one takes a drink. It has a rubber grip base so it is sturdy enough not to move about when being used.  The pet bowl can also be secured to the ground (eg. with 2 tent pegs, not supplied) to ensure it does not move around.

What’s included:
•    Pet Bowl pre-fitted with cover and float mechanism (x1)
•    12mm Hoselink Accessory Connector (x1)
•    Quick Start Guide

Also available in kits which also include 1.5m or 5m Hose & Tap Connections.

The Long-Reach Pivot Cleaner

The Long-Reach Pivot Cleaner can help you flush water into hard to reach places such as guttering and roofing. It may come in handy for cleaning out the leaves in the gutters because you don’t want those there when bushfire season hits.  The water flow is easy to control via the flow and control lever at the base and there are 3 non-slip rubber grip handles, making it easy to hold as you work. The small head size makes it easy to manage in tight place such as guttering. 

What’s included:
•    Long-reach Pivot Cleaner (x1)
•    Hoselink Accessory Connector (x1)

pivot washer


Handy Snippers

Handy Snippers have been selected because they are light and easy to use, perfect for deadheading after flowering towards the end of spring and into summer. The Handy Snippers fit perfectly in the hand and make it easy to cut small stems due to their lightweight, ergonomic design. The blades are stainless steel and the handle features a rubber overlay for an easy grip.  When not in use, the locking catch ensures the blades are stored safely together. These are perfect for cutting herbs and vegetables, bonsai, flowers and small plants around the garden. 

What’s included:
•    Handy Snippers (x1)

Snippers sheers for the garden


The Oscillating Sprinkler

The Oscillating Sprinkler is our most popular sprinkler and is a great way to keep the kids running around and entertained whilst watering the garden. The Oscillating Sprinkler is specially designed to water large sections of lawn and gardens. This premium sprinkler performs well even with low water pressure and is particularly good for use with a Retractable Hose Reel.  This sprinkler covers areas up to 15m x 20m and has a water flow control with a number of different spray settings. You can easily customise the saturation level and spray type of the Oscillating Sprinkler to suit a variety of gardens. This flexibility allows you to effortlessly water a narrow lawn, against an edge, or only one side of your lawn. With its metal construction, you can rely on this durable sprinkler to remain sturdy and not tip over. It also features a built-in cleaner and fine mesh filter to protect it from dirt and debris. 

What's included:
•    Oscillating Sprinkler (x1)
•    Hoselink Accessory Connector (x1)